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Default Re: My first draft with FA considerations.

Originally Posted by Wolf6151 View Post
I like alot of the players you've chosen but your draft is very heavy on the defensive side of the ball. With the very serious injury to Posey and he most likely not playing next season I'd sure like to see a better WR taken and way earlier than 5b. I also like Watson in the 4th but would like to see high quality OG in the 3rd, I think we'll need 2 O-line picks in the first 5 rounds. And HELL NO to Mathieu, he's undersized, been out of football to long, and a drug dealer. You guys that keep picking Mathieu in your mocks are drafting a memory of what he used to be hoping that he might be that play maker again. Rick Smith said last year the Texans would forgive and pick a player with 1 discretion on his record but not a player with repeated discretions for the same offense. Mathieu failed 3 drug tests to get kicked off the LSU team and then got arrested for being a drug dealer, that's 4 discretions for the same thing, drugs.
We have 5 Offensive players who are upcoming FA's. The only one who starts is Casey at FB. The others are Forsett, Butler, Caldwell and Ryan Harris. Fullback isn't the hardest position to fill and remember we still have Clutts. You can pick up good ones late in the draft. Round 7 Zach Line, FB, Southern Methodist James Casey replacement/insurance

Forsett played well but he may want to go somewhere where he can get more carries. Easily replaced on the cheap in FA or late in the draft if he want's too much. Foster and Tate mean the RB position is in good shape.

Butler and Harris who both play T most likely are gone. Neither can stay healthy and are not deserving of a roster spot. That leaves Newton, Brown as the starters with only Gardner (RFA) backing them up. So I would say T is a priority but how much? We already have our two starters. We need a quality swing T.

Caldwell is the only G on the list. Should we lose him. We still have Brandon Brooks (rookie) who should only get better. Wade Smith, a veteran who is locked in at LG. Ben Jones another promising rookie and Cody White another Rookie. I don’t see us adding another Rookie G unless Wade Smith is a surprise cut.

As far as adding skill players to the offense.

You can only utilize so many weapons on offense with a QB like Schaub. He already has three of the best at three different positions. How many do you need when he doesn’t even go past his second read option? I just don’t see a rookie WR coming in and having any real impact with Schaub at QB. Now if you want to add upgrade TE I could see that. We all saw what kind of an impact Graham had when he wasn’t in the game. We run a lot of two TE sets and OD takes a beating and is getting up there in age.

So we have a FB (Casey)that may be gone but most likely not. Easily replaced. One G (Caldwell) that isn’t a starter anymore most likely leaving. Depth easily replaced. One OT (Butler) that couldn’t stay healthy and is gone forsure. Quality Depth needed. One OT (Harris) who never really was on the team is likely gone. Depth easily replaced. One third string RB. Depth Easily replaced.

Our offense scored 26 PPG/ 8TH - 372 YPG/7TH - 239 PASS YPG/11TH 132 RUSH YPG/8TH. That’s the offense is a nutshell. I hate using stats but these clearly show our offense as a whole is not bad. I’m not sure how much better it could be with added weapons as long as Schaub is our QB.

He is who he is. The best thing we could do to help him is to improve the running game. That should improve with the right side gaining experience and jelling together. Adding another rookie to the starting mix isn’t going to help IMO and I would bet that is Kubiaks opinion as well.

We have 13 defensive players who are upcoming FA's. We’ll go with 12 since I don’t know who Keyaron Fox even is.

NT Shaun Cody UFA
He isn't a run stuffer and he doesn’t add anything as a pass rusher. He doesn’t even push the pocket back. He can and should be replaced. Imagine how good Watt could be with someone that could draw some attention away from him playing next to him. SCARY!!!!

OLB Connor Barwin UFA
Barwin suffered from a lack of interior rush. (CODY) He is still young and had a very good year last year. Young athletic pass rushers with solid resumes aren’t cheap on the FA market. The money it would take to sign him can be used to improve another spot. We have Reed, Brahman and Mercilous which is a solid rotation and a another young prospect can be added via the draft.

OLB Jesse Nading UFA
Doesn’t really fit in and most likely gone.

ILB Tim Dobbins UFA
Dobbins is a special teams captain and short-yardage LB. I can see him being brought back specifically for those purposes. That is the extent of his worth.

ILB Bradie James UFA
Do I really need to say anything here. I will anyway. He is horrible!!!!! Goodbye!!!!!

ILB Barrett Ruud UFA
We brought him in off the street and he looked ok as a pass rusher but took poor angles and allowed huge running lanes for opposing RB’s. He also got burned in pass coverage A LOT. Bye bye!

CB Alan Ball UFA
Ball is a very good special teamer and decent player. Could be replaced but should be cheap and most likely returns for cheap.

CB Brice McCain UFA
I think the lack of pass rush hurt his game more than anyone else's. Asking CB’s to cover slot WR’s man to man for more than few seconds in today’s NFL is asking for failure. Bring him back and improve the pass rush and this defense is right back where it was last year. Top 5!!

CB Stanford Routt UFA
Brought in because of injuries. Won’t be back.

S Quintin Demps UFA
See Bbrady James.

S Glover Quin UFA
How good is Quin really? Is he worth the kind of money he’s likely to get offered in FA? I would say we need to draft a quality safety even if we are going to resign him. There is no quality depth at all at safety. Imaging if Manning or Quin went down for an extended amount of time. This is a deep draft at safety and we need to get one whether we resign Quin or not. Cinci has 50 million dollars to spend in FA and its said that they want a S. Something to keep and eye on.

So I would say that makes 2 starters that we need to replace with another starter.
Cody and Bradie James.
And 1 starter that we need to replace with either a quality backup or starter.
And 1 starter who we need to replace with at least a prospect for depth.
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