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Default Re: The Comeback Sequence Needed more Mustard for those Biscuits

I've decided to rewatch the game, & I'm looking at the opening drive. 1st, I know it's way too predictable that we will run the ball on first down inside the red zone, sure enough, that's what we do here. However, we've got Arian Foster, so I really don't mind. The Patriots don't do anything special to counter.
We're lined up with a single back, 2 TEs, 2 WRs. Both TEs are on the right, Graham off the line next to Newton, OD on the line outside the hash marks, KDub just next to him, off the line. Andre is the lone receiver to the left, on the line. There is a CB playing press coverage on him, A DE on Browns outside shoulder, Wilfork playing right over Smith, The UT is between Ben Jones & Newton, with a LB playing outside of Graham. We're outnumbered to the left, 5 on 4.

At the snap, Andre tries to block 28... doesn't do a good job. Brown tries to take the DE to the right, doesn't do a good job. He get's his hands on the guy, gets a little movement, but drifts backwards, sealing off the end. Arian has to go inside. Smith & Myers double Wilfork. Myers doesn't do a good job of moving Wilfork sideways.... I know he's undersized, but Wilfork takes on Smith & Myers has a good shot at him from the side, should be advantage Myers, but it isn't. Myers comes off that block & blocks the LB. Ben Jones & Newton double 71. Newton's size advantage doesn't do much towards getting 71 to move laterally, He leaves Ben Jones & makes a block at the second level. Ben Jones struggles with 71, they run into Smith & Wilfork, Foster tried to cut behind Ben Jones, but since Ben & Smith aren't getting any lateral movement, it's a pretty acrobatic jump back inside. Looks kinda funny. Ninkovich pretty much jukes around Graham & is pretty much free. As Foster dives back inside of Jones for 3 yards, Wilfork, Deaderick, Ninkovitch, & Spikes (who was poorly blocked by Newton) jump on him.
This has nothing to do with being predictable or running at Wilfork. It's supposed to be a stretch to the left, but their guys simply beat our guys. & it's not like one or two of them, across the board, our guys got beat.

We throw it on second down.
If Belichick is a genius for getting us to put a LB on a RB, then Kubiak is the same kind of genius. Foster motions out of the backfield, lines up wide left. Mayo is covering him, shaded to the inside, he wants Foster against the sideline.... no safety help. At the snap, Foster doesn't break off the line as if to beat Mayo to the corner of the endzone. He barely runs a route imo. It's as if the only reason he is out there, is to get Mayo out of the middle. & that may be the case, as that is a big reason why Casey is wide open running the seam (out of the backfield), Schaub finds him, gets the ball right where it needed to be.... but he dropped it.

Pass blocking is okay, not great. Brown has a TE on his left, so it takes a while for Chandler Jones to get around him before Brown can get his hands on him. Looks like he initially misjudges Jones' speed, but recovers well. Newton drops back, almost straight, with no arc. By the time he's at the end of his drop, he's only a few feet from Schaub. The strong side LB comes on a blitz & explodes into Nate on contact, driving Nate backwards into Schaub. Schaub just threw the ball, but can't follow through with his lower body as his leg kicks Newton. Ben Jones, Myers, & Smith do an excellent job blocking Wilfork, 71, & Ninkovich... plenty of room to step up, if needed..... it wasn't.

Owens route was ran pretty well, he's open just like Casey, right in front of Matt, but there is a safety sitting on his route. That safety is also over KDub, can't really see what Andre is doing.
Third & 7, we throw it again.
Andre makes it to the back of the endzone clean. He's running free, there's a window for Schaub to hit him, but Schaub throws it late. Pass protection again looks good. But Newton is punched backwards into Schaub's vicinity again..... his arc isn't as wide as it could be. Duane Brown moves very well for such a big man. 94 is relentlessly working on Smith, but Smith doesn't budge. Ben Jones blocks Wilfork, who doesn't really try to penetrate. Shaub's got plenty of time. He does have a couple of defenders he'g got to get the ball over, but a very makable throw.

What I don't like, Owen Daniels, Walter, & Andre are in a bunch formation to the right. Walter off the line, OD on the line, then Andre off the line. Owen breaks left, Walter crosses under him, Andre runs straight. Their safety Gregory is in press coverage on OD, as Owen cuts, the safety doesn't get a hand on him, & follows him inside. Gerard Mayo is manning the middle, eyes on Schaub, but he sees Owen running his quick slant. Mayo steps up, to get in his way & cuts Daniels route off. Great play by Mayo, nothing OD could do. But what I hate about it, is that even though Mayo had his responsibilities, he knows that he cant' allow Owen to run unimpeded through the middle.

Our LBs wouldn't have made that play, instead they would have tried avoid getting hit by Hernandez or Gronk & get in Quin's way as he tries to cover him. Their LBs understand zone coverage & routes & helping their safeties.... ours dont.

The throw to Andre is probably late, because Matt was looking for this route to develop & Mayo botched it for us. Great play by Mayo. Matt still could have made a better throw to Andre. As high as he threw it, if he'd have led him only Andre would have had a play on it.
However, if you're on our defense, STs got the offense to the 12 yard line, & we settled for a field goal, what would you be thinking?
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