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Default Re: ESPN First Take on Texans vs Patriots, Dan Shaughnessy Article

Originally Posted by Dread-Head View Post
1. N.E's FIRST possession of the game run into Brady at full speed and ring his bell even if he HAS thrown the ball already. If you see Brady's back up warming up...YOU'RE DOING YOUR JOB!

2. accept the fact that in this game you will sacrifice a game check...and not GIVE A I$HT!

3. Hit muff-huggas so hard they p:ss blood for a week and watch the Superbowl from home still applying ice packs.

4. With each possession remember that the Pats, refs and MEDIA think they're in for a cake walk...let it be known that "CAKE" has been in a deep freeze since the last game and go upside their heads with it.

5. This isn't a "prize fight" it's a street fight. Let the refs and league 3itch at you about how "unsportsmanlike" you were and how "dirty" you played and the fines to be levied against you as they're discussing how "Sad" it is that Brady and the Pats won't go to the AFC title game.

6. PLAY 4 quarters of solid smash mouth football and pound your opponent into a fine paste...then grind that paste beneath your heel after you take a whiz in it.

Wait. So the plan should be, injure all the Pats best players so the Texans will then be better than them and you'll then feel great about how good your team is?

Really? Are you an adult or a grown up 15yo?
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