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Default Re: Call me a conspiracist, but refs will NOT be in favor of us next week. NFL wants

Originally Posted by TheMatrix31 View Post
That is incredibly dumb.

Yes people, sometimes bad/no-calls happen and sometimes they're destructive enough to change the complexion of the game no matter when they happened and yes, it's okay to blame them for losses if they're egregious enough.

Get out of your little utopian fantasy where refereeing never ever truly affects a game.

As for this game, New England almost always gets typical Patriot bull**** thrown their way, whether by referee failure or some other stroke of luck. I expect it. It will happen. We'll see how detrimental those instances will be.

Cool. Go watch the Pats Ravens game earlier in the season. Ravens won by 1 on a field goal that never went through. Every drive by Flacco in the second half was aided by a questionable PI call. That one extra game would mean lots in this afc seeding. But, we'll persevere.

I think the Texans are a good team and I'd have been pulling for them if my team wasn't in it.

There are actually two players You have that I'd love to have on the Pats.
Watt and Foster. No others...The Pats have been drafting form the bottom of the barrel for 10 years straight.
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