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Default Parcels the FOX

I was unable to watch or hear the game Saturday, but I have listened to Caper's comments and read most of the others. Parcels does not like preseason games and views them as player review time. I hope our team does not take this win too much to heart when the regular season game rolls around against Dallas. It will not be the same game and Parcels will have a totally different plan of attack. I'm not saying we aren't good and I'm not saying we can't be Dallas. What I'm saying is Parcels could be playing a chess game with us and he could be setting us up for a big let down. I have felt for some time that Dallas could have some real problems this year, but I'm certain that Jerry will emphasize how important the game against the Texans is. I think some friction is beginning to develop, but its just a personal hunch from what I have seen. Having said the above I love what I'm hearing or not hearing about the O-line. I hope we can avoid injuries and can get through the preseason and on to the regular season. I think the 3 keys to this year are Bruener, Wand, and the changes in the defense. Right now, I would say the rest of the NFL had better watch our for our team. If Carr has time he can hurt you big time. It sounds like in this game he had that time or bought some time. To do that the line has to be doing some good work. You then have to have receivers who recognize and help the QB out when things breakdown. Gaffny did that on one play which is a sign of maturity. I really think we are a very good team on paper, perhaps a little short on depth, but our starters can play with anyone.
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