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Default Re: Blog post where I explain everything and nothing.

Originally Posted by badboy View Post
I don't know Steph. I do not remember many fans blaming penalties or tightends as reasons for the losses against Vikes and Colts. Maybe it is just frustration but many point to Kubiak & Schaub (as you know). Yes, QB gets too much credit for wins and too much grief for losses; yet neither of these two looked or acted as if they have a clue. We get it that Matt is better than 70% of other QBs but he is ours so comparing him doesn't do much as we are stuck with him for one more guaranteed year @$7.5m base and $11m cap. If he acted as if he was in charge, as if he was curling on the ground in sack position rather than throwing inerrantly into hands of the D, most of could buy that. Rather he is over throwing, underthrowing and flat out missing targets. He throws a pass to AJ that goes for two yards and Johnson gets knocked silly. Is that the best use of still one of the best WRs in NFL? Sure the younger WRs are questions but we saw Matt again throw inaccurately to Jean. Our LBs will be better with Cushing's return + a probable high round draft pick. Our QBs will remain the same with maybe another late round pick and/or another UDFA ala Case Keenum.

Yes fans are calling radio talk shows to complain but as I recall, Texans were favored by most including Las Vegas to win. Texans fans were not the only ones over rating Texans. It does not look like lack of talent is our primary issue. Same basic talent won 12 and should have won the last two. It is good to be 12-4 and still in hunt. It is not so good watching how we lost those four games and thinking 50-50 we advance past Bengals. "Wait until next year!" will probably remain our battle cry.
I agree with EVERYTHING you said there. ALL OF IT!

I am getting so sick and tired of this automated Matt Schaub Response System that has to tell us that Matt is the guy we need but not the QB we deserve.

Give me a ****ing break with that already! I guess as a fan base we're just too freaking nice and jolly and carefree to give two dollops of **** about REAL RESULTS.

No, no sir. Nope. Uh-uh.

I've heard it all on here over the years: (1) Bob brought football back to Houston, so shut up!, and (2) You have to stick with a guy like Gary because _______ (whatever pet theory someone has goes here), and (3) As if any new coach is going to come in and install new systems and make it any better, and (4) Matt Schaub has one billions yards and is like Top Whatever in this category and that category. I mean, come one guys!, how can he do all of those things and be a guy we need to bench/cut/run out of town on a rail?!?!?

Is there no end to excuses? I guess there's not.

No offense to the OP, and all that jazz, but I have no stomach to read any person's critique that paints a sunny picture of this FRANCHISE. Band aids, gauze pads, plastic surgery, injections of adamantium into the bone marrow of players, alternate universes with separate story lines and alter egos and crap, who gives a "gosh darn and golly gee shucks" at this point what might or might not help/hurt/cure/kill...this team is missing more than just luck with injuries or luck with refs or whatever else can be cooked up. The posters I have seen around here, hardly any of them are blaming anything that shouldn't be blamed. We're all suffering this moment together, shocked that we've been lulled into "hoping" again. As always.

This team is broken. It manages to beat up on only the slow and unwitting, the dregs of NFL society who can't defend themselves from massive pillow fight brawls. When we play a team who punches us FIRST, we curl up into a ball and shrivel away and play scared the rest of the game. As if they DARE! to offer resistance to us.

That's not a tough team, that's a team who falsely believes in itself and hates it when they get exposed. That's on their leader: Gary Kubiak. Period.

Want to know why people clamor for Bill Cowher, even though he's not a legitimate HC choice (to me he's not, at least, not anymore)? Because of his ability to make his team believe in themselves for almost a decade or more. Good GM? Yes they had one when he was there. Good players? Yes, they got a great QB to end those dry spells Cowher had previously. But all in all, no matter what, those Steelers teams believed in themselves to the HILT.

THAT, you can respect. THAT you can admire. I cannot believe this group of Texans let opportunity slip through their fingers so easily. With hardly a whimper! That's on Gary. All the way. And you can't band-aid Gary Kubiak in any shape form or fashion. He's un-bandaid-able. /end.
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