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Default Re: RB could be our Achilles' heel

Davis was out because this is a pre-season game and he has a sore knee. Every football player on that team has had the same swelling in the knee at one point or another. Davis would have played had the game meant anything. Wells will never end up the starter. I think you may be forgetting what Davis did last year. He ran harder then any other bcak in the league. He never quit moving his legs and I believe he had as many yards after contact as before. He has nothing to prove in a pre-season game. The Texans are not going to have superstars as backups. They are going to have a super-bowl back waiting in the wings. Given a few more years to mature maybe. But right now if they have that kind of talent in the wings they will trade them for a more high quality atheltes. After a full year as a starter then we will know if Davis is injury prone. You cannot look at the pre-season the same way as the regular season. They know what they have in Davis they are going to see what the rest of the backs can do.
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