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Default Re: Your opinions on Texans draft changing?

Originally Posted by badboy View Post
We have seen several mocks by our regulars in this forum and some new folks and welcome by the way. Have your thoughts changed on what positions we need to draft? What about players in draft? Who has dropped on your boards and who had risen?

Nose still remains my priority and I do not see that changing. Good news is a good one should be there in first IF Wade wants.

Ben Jones settling in at RG & surplanting Caldwell has been a pleasant surprise & has allowed Brooks a chance to remain in shadows while he does whatever he needs to do. Where would team be if Jones had not stepped up? Newton won me over and from what I see in posts others are joining me. As the right side has solidified with these two on field more together, a right side O lineman has dropped from first round to 4th on my board. I wished Wade Smith was better but I think he is still injured from last season. I next want to see Brooks step up & show he will be the answer by 2014.

WR is something I keep moving down then yanking back up. I desperately want a player to line up opposite AJ and be that WR2 that allows AJ to extend his career & eventually be his replacement. I believe most WRs don't hit their stride until second year with some exceptions. Do I risk a first or second now & hope the pick is more than just an improvement at our WR5? Do I skip WR in '13 and hope that some of the underclassmen return to college and come out in 2014 offering a better option for Texans? If Patterson, Hopkins & Woods decide to return & a few lower round guys step up + maybe a Marqis Lee declares in '14, would a better option be there in 2014 and allow Texans to go for a non-receiver in first 4 rounds now? I am looking at nose in first and Cobi Hamilton in third. Posey against Colts offered me some hope. If he and Jean can get some reps, I hope to move this position off my board. They really need to step up. Still, if Terrance Williams is there in first...argh!

LB is my second priority & despite this being a weak class, I think Texans can fill that need in third.

S will be a low priority if Quin returns and for now I think he will.

1. NT John Jenkins (my draft partner Beerlover says he drops to us or is close enough for a trade up. Hey, he picked JJ Watt.) or Luis Nix should be here. I don't want to use picks to trade up but Tate?
2. OLB Morgan Brislin could be another Mercilus and I will be surprised if Barwin comes back as he would be much more expensive than Brooks.
3A. ILB Andrew Jackson hey he can play OLB and reminds me of former Alabama Dont'a Hightower who was drafted by mmm oh yeah New England.
3b. WR (at least for now) Cobi Hamilton Arkansas. 6'2" 209 and may break into 4.4s 90/1335 14.8 5 TDs
4. OT/OG Rick Wagner
5A TE Michael Williams
5B RB Cierre Woods
5C C/OG Gabe Ikard
6. DE Kapron Lewis -Moore as Crick is looking very good & could be A. Smith's replacement. I wish I had Moore's motor. If you have watched Notre Dame this season you know what I mean. Jan 7th Alabama v. ND!
7A CB/FS Darrius Slay this dark horse could be a talent at either position and moves into #3 safety in his second year.
7B (allan ball) Ray Ray Armstrong go ahead and jeer but he probably will go as high as 5th.
First off, and this is not just to badboy, it appears Nix is returning to ND-

I am slowly becoming more comfortable with the right side of the line. I am not there 100% there yet, but I am on the way. Even if Newton and Jones prove themselves to be starters, we will need to draft a backup at both tackle and guard.

WR is a tough one to peg, I agree. However, again, I am coming to the same conclusion as you- this draft, WR is not a pressing need. AJ is having a dynamite year, even if he does not have the same explosiveness. He still has a couple good years left, we can wait to draft his replacement. The rest of the receivers do their jobs. I dont think we have one real #2 receiver, but rather a couple guys that come in depending on what is going on. Posey really impressed me last game, let's see if he can keep it up. At this rate, we may not have to draft a receiver at all this year.

ILB is a need, in my opinion. I dont think there is a coincidence that since Cushing's injury, we look weaker on D.

OLB is also a need, I think, even if Barwin re-signs. We are getting very little pass rush from the OLBs, which cant happen in a 3-4. Watt is playing out of his mind, but he needs support. Mercilus has 6 sacks, but they appear to be gimmes. Reed has 2 sacks in 11 games, Barwin has very few as well. Even if we just draft a 3rd down pass rush specialist, it needs to be addressed.

I think Quin stays as well. I dont think he would get that much money on the open market, that we are over-valuing him. He will get a raise, but it wont break the bank (though Barwin may have to walk).

1) I would be good with Jenkins. As with all NTs, there is some sizeable risk, but it really is the big whole on this team. Worth the risk, and would be BPA if available.

2) I dont know much about Breslin. Good numbers, good size, but never really stood out to me when I watched USC. I will see if I can scrounge up some more film.

3) Old Hickory, sign me up.

3) Like I said earlier, I dont know if WR is a good choice this year. I dont know if any player taken late willget any real playing time next year, and it may be better to just take one high in 2014.

4) I dont think Wagner fits the system. Good player, but for another team.

5) Michael Williams is a pretty solid pick. Blocking TE with underrated hands. I think he will be gone though.

5) Woods is a great choice. Really, the definition of a number 2 back- does everything well, nothing exceptionally so. Can be a great breather option.

5) Heck yea, boomer sooners! I dont think he declares though, he is only a Junior. I think he returns to Norman for his Senior year.

6) Lewis-Moore is a great pick. We are going to need a DE opposite Watt pretty soon, and KLM can be that guy.

7) Slay could be a good NFL player. I think Broomfield is more talented, but Slay's size might make him a better pro. Only thing is, I think I am going to address CB earlier. I am not confident in Harris at all anymore.

7) Sorry bb, I dont like this idea, unless you plan on PS-ing him, and moving him to ILB.
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