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Default Re: Henson Impressive

I kinda wonder why some of ya are so "gaga" over Henson. Is it because he was a former draft choice of ours? If you are a cowboys' fan ,that is understandable. Personally, I could care less. My support fully goes to Carr; he looked very sharp last night and he was going against Dallas' #1 (rated) defense. The offense scored 10 points; it could had been 14 pts. if the playcalling was better. As for Henson...he did well against our 2nd and 3rd string defense. Considering we didn't generate any pass rush against him.he showed poise in finding his receivers. I was going to put this comment in a separate post...I was ( po'ed) at Sportscenter's report of our game after the game last night. All they showed was Parcell's griping aboht his team's poor showing and ranking Henson as one of top 3 QB's last night. As far as I can tell, Henson had good stats ; but did he score any points? No!!!
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