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Hollings will have plenty of chances to redeem himself and hopefully he will show us better ball handling skills in the future.

Also, the way the O-line looked out there, when you plug good 'ol Domanick back in the mix, who looked head and shoulders above the other players early in camp, he should be explosive and add some real punch to our offense.

Jonothan Wells looked like a legitimate back-up as he hit the holes and looked quicker with some power.

Hope that Hollings fixes his fumbling and that DD and Wells will get better soon. It is nice to talk football after seeing some play...even if it was preseason. I will say that Hollings looked better than last year and I don't recall if Hollings had a problem holding on to the ball last year (stat machines do your thing) but I remember Portis having the fumbler moniker early on to and he turned out all right. The sky is not falling but the TEXANS DO LOOK MARVELOUS.
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