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Default Re: Cowboys game thoughts

  • David Carr looked completely in control, but once again they are relying heavily on dumping the pass off the backs. No shot by Carr deep, taking what they are giving him. This may be bad if we they are giving us 10 when we need 13. Just like the play to Johnson underneath in the 4 wideout spread. We are not scoring points like we need to.
  • Weary is not good at all. I'd rather have M. Brown in there than Weary,he just looks completely too slow and sluggish. Add to that a false start at a crucial moment.
  • Hollings solidified himself as the #2 back, but not the #1. Had troubles with the rock last year, has trouble with the rock 1st game this year. No excuses. He ran great, but will cost you all those great yards by one simple fumble.
  • The strong set with a single RB is going to be fantastic for us this year, especially when you have Bruener on the left and Miller on the right. This allows us to do a lot of play-action-pass and bootlegs. Either TE can take off for the pass. Bruener was probably the best acquisition of us this year.
  • Wand held his own for a large part of his session. Pitts however, WAS A FREAKIN MONSTER! He moved his man off the line and opened some holes. He was found his home on the LG spot and make no mistake, he is a LG and NOT a LT.

  • Dunta did very well against a really good reciever. What impressed me was the most was him talking smack. That is something this defense needs more of. He's just a hair off from making plays however.
  • Babin is just getting started and it shows. I watched him the most in this game. Most people are looking at his pass rushing, but I tend to look more at his ability to fill Wongs shoes and do the intagibles: run stopping, zone and man coverage. Babin didi a good job at run stuffing but he needs work on his pass coverage and zones. This may be due to his learning the position.
  • Wong is looking great on his side of the ball, was in on most of the plays that were of no yards or little yards. I expect good things from him this year
  • R. Smith, did anyone keep an eye on him going against 2 pro-bowlers? Cowboys barely got the 1 yard need for the 1st down on one play.
  • Foreman actually looked pretty good this game, coveraging and stuffing. maybe he got a fire lit under him
  • Coleman looks fantastic working with Wong and Robinson.
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