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Default Re: Henson Impressive

Originally Posted by LiveForTheGame
...I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a good amount of playing time this season just to help him learn a little bit. .
I think Henson looked pretty good against our second team. The C'boys problem is how to develop him. If they want to pretend that last years results (with Quincy, Galloway and Hambrick) mean anything, then they have to try and win as many games as possible this year (with Testiverte, Keyshawn and George) and try to at least win one playoff game, to show improvement. I don't think many people think the best way to do that is with a rookie, three years from his last college game. On the other hand, if they don't commit to developing Henson until next year, then they are futher delaying the time when they will be truly competitve again. 3 years of 5-11, followed by a year of Quincy, Galloway and Hambrick. Do they have to wait another year before they try to develop their Superbowl potential team?

Hiring Parcells did distract the media from talking about all of the Cowboys misadventures in their 5-11 years, but is it the solution? Parcells is a good coach, but can he carry a team to the Superbowl by himself? What is the trend?

Giants under Parcells - 2 Superbowls;
Patiots under Parcells - lost Superbowl (Pats win 2 with another coach afterwards)
Jets under Parcells - didn't get to Superbowl.

Is there a trend here?
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