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Default Re: Day After Foxborough Massacre - 2013 Mock

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post

FIRST ROUND: John Jenkins, NT, Georgia, 6-3 350

Moves fluid despite size, country strong, can both push or plug piles. Separates defenders effectively walling off double teams inside on Watt or Smith. The Patriots ran straight ahead for solid gains all game long against the interior of Texans DL. To fill this big hole Texans need a big run stuffing Nose Tackle who is also disruptive like Vince Wilfork. If need be Texans should move up in order to address position, as you can see Texans have some extra picks to work with here & cashing in now would not be the worst thing in the world. Evaluating this class I've graded out Jenkins as the top pick for Texans/Wade Phillips 3-4.

SECOND ROUND: Brian Winters, OT/OG, Kent State, 6-5 310

Right side is a work in progress & needs to be addressed early, Had Flucker here from Alabama last go around, but don't feel he lasts this long come draft day. Winters is your more typical, athletic ZBS tackle who could also kick inside to RG, that only increases his value to depth starved Texans right side of the OL. Very balanced game can stone defensive ends on left side or pull in run blocking @ Collegiate level. Excellent base & fluid in the hole, can mirror or manhandle would be rushers. Texans must upgrade right side of OL.

THIRD ROUND: Michael Buchanan, OLB/DE, Illinois, 6-5 240

OK peeps, I'm sold moving on without Connor Barwin, he is doing nothing, 2 sacks in 13 games doesn't cut the cheese. Unless he signs on the cheap, Texans do need to add another pass rusher. Of course Brooks will come back next year but Texans need to add a pass rusher who can bend, turn the corner instead of locking up center of his man. The other reason I like Buchanan is he swatts a lot of balls @ line of scrimmage, Texans are also very familiar with program having drafted Whitney last year in 1st rd.

THIRD ROUND (Mario Williams compensatory): Kiko Alonzo, ILB, Oregon, 6-4 246

Great length, smart, instinctive & excellent in coverage. Texans need a bigger, longer cover guy in 3rd down situations who can stick & pull with these hybrid TE's & elusive RB's. Hard worker that will improve & flourish in Wade Phillips system. Gruden made the comment Patriots had drafted a bunch of SEC LB'S who are saying come on Texans lets see what you got & dominated the line of scrimmage. While these two LB's are not SEC or especially high picks like a Mayo, Hightower or Spikes they fill similar roles from the Big 10 (Mercilus/Buchanon) & Pac 12.

FOURTH ROUND: Conner Vernon, WR, Duke, 6-1 200

Schaub needs more receiving options, a smart, plus hands WR that runs tight timing routes & can secure the football in traffic is a must at some point this draft. Would like to spend earlier pick on a bigger, faster body but would require a much higher pick like Marshall Aaron Dobson but Texans also need somebody ready to plug in now & Conner seems like the type who can transition quickly, mature & ultra competitive.

FIFTH ROUND: Tyrann Mathieu, CB/S, LSU, 5-9 178

Despite personal problems, because of playmaking skills & ability to produce on the field Texans should not pass if available this late to address nickle position very least. Would also improve special teams as gunner, that has been woeful at best all season. This is breaking point for me, where value overcomes negative so would hope Texans take a chance on such a high ceiling player @ a position of need.

FIFTH ROUND (Jacoby Jones/Mike Brisel compensatory) Jordan Kovacs, SS, Michigan, 5-11 202

Insurance in case Quin does not resign. Excellent safety prospect this late who will compete & probably win roster spot otherwise from Shiloh Keo. Jordan is a walk on Senior who was very productive during his career with astounding 331 tackles in four years playing for Michigan, his best season was his sophomore year with 116 tackles. Solid in zone coverage & takes good angles in run support.

SIXTH ROUND: Onterio McCalebb, RB/KR, Auburn, 5-9 176

Reminiscent of Holliday pick to help improve special teams. More similar to Dexter McCluster, can fill 3rd down duties, elusive, good hands (not as small as Trindon) has rushed for 2,586 yards, 63 receptions out of the backfield, 8.5 yards per carry & 25.6 yards per return in the SEC.

SEVENTH ROUND: Tanner Hawkinson, OT/OG, Kansas, 6-4 300

Four year starter (LT) who has played under three head coaches, best fit for ZBS probably kicks inside to LG or possibly swing tackle to compete with Gardner. Good mobility & excels in pass protection. Texans need to retool their OL with multiple prospects both early & late to solidify scheme/game planning.

SEVENTH ROUND (Joel Dreessen compensatory): Ben Cotton, TE, 6-6 255

Dreessen was an undrafted free agent, so Texans could wait again until after the draft but why when they could lock up a blocking, big framed TE? Could develop as a pass catcher in time but would fill that role Texans are missing with departure of Joel. As seen last night the loss of Garrett Graham to injury was a bigger factor than most thought, Cotton would provide much needed depth & helping inline blocking pass rushing issue.
Looks good BL. I like most of the players involved, but here are my thoughts:

1) I realize that NT is a huge need, but is Jenkins the guy? He is massive and incredibly strong, but like with all big guys I worry about his athleticism and if he will eat himself out of the league. And it goes without saying that if Jenkins is the pick then the D changes a bit, as Jenkins plays much different than Cody and Mitchell. I like the pick, as I think he has probably the highest upside of the big NTs, but it still worries me.

2) Love it. I think I mocked Winters in the 3rd a couple weeks ago, and I think the 2nd is probably a better place to grab him. He can be a day 1 starter at RT.

3) Meh. I am not wild about this guy, but we do need to upgrade the OLB position. Only 4.5 sacks and 7 TFLs just dont cut it for me.

3) I like this pick though, good call. ILB needs to be upgraded.

4) I like Vernon as well. I am moving away from the idea that we need a future number 1, as AJ is still going strong. Vernon can be an ideal number 2. Great routes and underrated speed/accel.

5) I dont see it BL, I just dont see it. Character issues, size reservations, and has not played in a year. Plus, CB is becoming a much bigger need than the 5th round.

5) I like grabbing a SS here. I dont know much about this guy, but from the internet he sounds pretty good.

6) Sign me up. Another wrinkle for the offense, brings in some speed.

7) This guy is on my radar too. I think he would make a pretty good swing tackle, but maybe LG is not out of the question.

7) Sounds good.
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