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Default Re: Cowboys game thoughts

I for one being a fan since 1st preseason and sick of Jermaine Lewis doing fair catches 1st season, think Duff is REAL deal on returns I didn't see him ever act like he was going to fair catch..also didn't know this but Dallas Dodos on local TV (unfortunately live near Dallas) said Duff had 3TDs..1 a Punt Return, 1 a kickoff return and 1 an interception returned for a TD..only player in Notre Dame History( which is considerable) to do this.

He looked like he is going to make special teams better, so if D steps up like it did last night during season and Palmer puts away his "VANILLA" bottle. We could have a top ranked team and some of those lapses that in last 2 years cost us close games will go our way.

Example Dallas 2002 5-11 they won close games last (2003)and went 10-6 and made playoffs, so if we can stop mistakes and D remains healthy and plays up to potential we could win a lot more games this year

BTW Vegas has underestimated us, a friend who goes there regularly said they have us at 6 wins. Guess they think with easier schedule then had last year we will only be able to squeeze out 1 more win, who's for proving Lost Wages Books wrong this season.
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