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Originally Posted by Marcus
You're making excuses for Hollings' fumbling. From what what I have learned about Capers, he doesn't want to listen to them. You've got to hang onto the ball . . period!

And as far as Tiki Barber, Ahman Green, and Travis Henry are concerned, I would wage that if you asked DC if he would want any of those three on his football team, you'd be disappointed in his answer. Coughing up the rock is that big of a pet peeve of his.

And yes, Hollings does remind me of Tiki Barber, and I don't mean that as a compliment.
Yeah I am making excuses, but they were resonable excuses. You can blame him for the fumble on the goal line that he recovered, although that was credited to Banks in the offical stats, but I have yet to see a back in the league that can hold onto the ball when the defender's helmet hits the ball right on, and the one he lost, come on, the guy was sitting on the bench, talking and joking with other players and now he has to go back on to the field when he thought his day was over...

As strict as Capers is with fumbling, to say that he would not pick up Barber, Green, or Henry is kind of out there because they do so many good things that overshawdow the bad.

And how can you not be complimenting Hollings when you say he reminds you of Tiki Barber, Vinny said it best in another thread, Hollings and Tiki have great speed and are able to make big plays on screens and runs...

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