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Originally Posted by Marcus
This won't be a joking matter to any of us if he continues to cough up the football. It doesn't matter how good he runs out there, or how much yardage he gets. If he makes this a habit, Capers won't let him play.

I'm worried about it, because historically, players that have the propensity to fumble, will always have the propensity to fumble. If Hollings develops a rep, the opposing teams will concentrate that much harder to force him to fumble, sometimes at the expense of wrapping him up. Risky, but worth it in red-zone situations.

Against Pittsburgh, I'll be watching Hollings, not to see how much he runs, but if he can hold on to the egg. If he can't, he'll put Capers on the spot.
Tiki Barber, Ahman Green, and Travis Henry all have fumbling problems, although Henry cleaned his up last year. The first fumble was helmet to ball, what was he suppose to do??? The second one was with Banks at QB, so Hollings had to adjust to a different QB handing him the ball. And the one he lost in the redzone, he had just sat on the bench for 2 full quarters and his mind wasnt in the game.

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