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Originally Posted by Wolf6151 View Post

1. Jordan, very good player and athlete with tons of potential but I don't think OLB is even close to a 1st round need even if we lose Barwin to FA. Like the player but not the pick for the Texans. I think he's a bit of a project player since he needs to add some bulk and thus don't think he's a 1st rounder.
2. Lester, this pick and the Jordan pick tell me that you think we're losing Barwin and Quin to FA, again another very good player but I just don't see the need since I think we re-sign Quin. If we do lose Quin to FA then this is an excellent pick.
3. McCullers, this is the only pick I really have trouble with. He's way to tall for the NT position in the NFL where leverage is so important. OG/C will easily get under his pads and stand him up and move him around. NT is a game of leverage and this guys going to lose that battle.
3. Porter, I like him at WILB and good size for the position. Good pick.
4. Barner, I'll have to trust you on this one, I haven't looked at RB's.
5. Hunt, I like him as depth at DE since we don't know if Jamison will come back from the achilles injury or not. His size at DE offers lots of potential at the position. Good pick, good round. I haven't seen him play. How athletic or stiff is he?
5. Adams, I like him alot and had him in my most recent mock. Good size, speed, and athleticism for CB. I think we lose McCain to FA and Harris will move up to nickle, Adams then fills his spot as CB depth where he can learn for a yr. or so. I'd take him in the 4th though due to the premium put on CB's in the draft. If he's still available, it's a great pick and great value.
6. Fuller, I like this pick, good WR depth late in the draft, good value down here.
7. Foketi, I never heard of him but I like the position chosen, don't know anything about him.
Well this is my thinking with the first two picks.

Our defense hasn't been that great as of late. Quinn is a nice player and I want him back. But he has limitations. He struggles with big te's in coverage. But I'm not saying start this guy over Quinn. We play three safeties a lot. Lester would be a good replacement in the case of an injury, but even if no one is injured be will still see plenty snaps in regular defensive sets and on special teams. He adds athleticism and versatility to our defense.

And maybe with his size and athleticism maybe we can groom him for that joker role that Quinn plays when we go with three safeties.

As for for Jordan....did I mention I love his game? I wouldn't bring barwin back. That's tough for me to say, because I do think barwin is a good player. I actually think be is a better player than reed and if there was a way to trade reed and keep barwin at a reasonable contract to play solb then I'd do it.

But on to Jordan....the guy is a versatile player. Again, IMO, adding him and Lester to this defense along with some of the other guys I mentioned would infuse is with young, athletic talent.

I see Jordan as a guy that would play solb primarily because he can drop into coverage and would easily be our best coverage Olb. I've seen this guy out in the slot covering te's in man press technique. Surprisingly fluid with good feet in coverage. At 6'6" with that kind of wiry athleticism he too could help cover some of those big te's we have trouble with. I also see him on the strong side because he's good against the run.

He uses those long arms to keep blockers out of his body and he's stronger than he looks. Doesn't stay engaged with linemen for long. Once he diagnoses a play he's shedding the lineman and going to the ball. He's a better player than Brooks reed. And I think he can easily surpass barwin.

And I've watched him on film and I didn't see him take plays off. He's a high motor guy and I dont know of any major character issues either.

And the thing is he can also slide over to the weak-side if need be to be a primary pass rusher. I've seen him lined up in the middle and at de with his hand in the dirt.

Our olb's have been underwhelming this year. It's no secret that I'm not a big merciless fan, but I don't think this pick would jeopardize his growth. I see this move as maybe they can both be our future starters...definitely see Jordan as a future starter.

Regarding need, I think we direly need more from the Olb position. They still have a ways to go to reverse some of the opinions about them but if barwin has a good post season which puts him I the market for big money that's even more reason to let him go.

The way we are set up, this defense needs a bunch of high end talent whereas our offense can thrive with players that simply fit what they do.

I think we can come back with virtually the same offense next year and I'd be 100 percent fine with that. Your young o linemen with all that upside will have had one more year in the system...newton, Brooks, jones...and your young wr's will not be rookies anymore. Andre is still going to be good next year and walter will still be a good player. The young guys should start contributing more. Bring Casey back, Grahm should be back...foster, Tate if you want him...I drafted a rb that is capable as well...

But the way we want to play with our defense smothering people and our offense methodically going about their business...I think these guts are a need and would be assets....

The NT...he is tall...but so were those two guys Jacksonville had a while back...watt is pretty tall to and he does ok when he's inside because he plays with good pad level. If he keeps his pads down he'll be fine. Plus the dude is literally almost 400 lbs. Even if he was in a wheel barrow that's a lot of weight to move around multiple times during a game.

Running plays up the middle would be a whole lot harder. He's not some big do nothing either. Big boy moves well. Watch some clips of him on YouTube.

Marcus hunt. I like him a lot. He's going to be a bit of a project because he's kind of new to football. But the first time I saw him at was last year and he jumps of the screen. 1) he dominates o linemen, 2) his freakish size and athleticism are hard to miss.

I think he also blocked a kick that game. But no he's not stiff. Moves well, does a good job staying low...but he needs some technique...

I think these guys would help us in making another superbowl run next year. I think they'd make us a whole lot better on defense and with luck in our division we'd have some young defenders to grow as he grows.
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