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Default Re: Cowboys game thoughts

i'll start with babin: kid looked great on his sack and forced fumble...but other times he was just running in there and letting the o-line of dallas get to his body...i think it was just some first game jitters on his part...but overall very good performance

robinson: proved why he was the 10th overall selection in my mind...nuff said

carr: looked more poised in the pocket and looked more like a leader on the field

hollings: ran great but needs to work on holding on to the football

gaffney and bruener: looked great...better than i expected

overall: offense was very clean...looking for us to be ranked somewhere in the middle of the pack if this performance keeps up...thinking 12th overall

deffense...i think if we move wong inside and peek outside or just have a heavy rotation we're going to be ranked somewhere around 13th overall

all in all a very impressing outing by our guys...can't wait for the steelers
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