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Default Re: Doppelmock: In Season Version 2.0

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
1. Chase Thomas, OLB, Stanford, 6'4, 245lbs, 4.61
I don't project Chase to be a first round pick, but you never know. Convince me he could kick inside linebacker then maybe. He is a smart player, has nose for the ball, athletic enough does a great job reading defenses & picking up snap counts. I thought about him seriously with second round pick.

2 D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama, 6'6, 335lbs, 5.15
Now we agree, end of second is about right. I don't see him as a guard prospect like some because he's not a natural knee bender, hey he is 335 lbs. Will struggle against outside speed in the NFL but there are very few who don't, must be coach-able to play for Sabin. I slotted him here as well in my most recent mock, so props!

3.Andrew Jackson, ILB, Western Kentucky, 6'1, 265, 4.72
This is one of badboys guys, I personally don't know a whole bunch about him other than what he's written or told me. Seems like a good fit @ need position, so I can buy this one as well.

3. Larry Black, Jr., DT, Indiana, 6'2, 309, 5.55
Black is a Senior, but unheralded anyway you must feel pretty positive about the guy to select him this high when nobody has a draft-able grade on him? I just can't say on this one.

4. Isaiah Johnson, S, Georgia Tech, 6'2, 208, 4.57
Like his size for SS position, just a Junior so think he probably stays in school, could move up a couple rounds, should vie for one of the top safeties next season.

5.Michael Williams, TE, Alabama, 6'6, 270, 4.77
Don't think he lasts this late, more like late 3rd to mid 4th. Plus blocker & under rated pass catcher. Love the blocking aspect of his game almost like adding another LT.

5.Sam Schwartzstein, C, Stanford, 6'3, 290, 5.10
Like this pick. 5th/6th are excellent rounds to add a player who can help your OL depth. Right now he doesn't get a draft able grade but that should change by end of season Stanford is having.

6.Quinn Sharp: K/P, Oklahoma State, 6'1, 205
Kicker in 6th we agree once again. I expect him off the board either in 5th or 6th due to fact he can save you a roster spot. Great leg, might suggest switching Center with Kicker.

7.Marcus Lattimore, RB, South Carolina, 6'0, 218, 4.50
How do any of us know what he's going to do? I would rehab as doctors recommend, but make sure its 100% first before playing football again. Meanwhile get that degree. If he does come out & if available end of draft, why not? From everything I've heard he has great character, is a good person even if doesn't make the team Texans could always quality people in their organization.

1. Chase Thomas reminds me of a Brooks Reed, Shea McClellin, Jerry Hughes, and Clay Matthews III in that they were all pass rushers who started out as mid to late seconds and rose to late first/early second rounders. Like the others, I think Thomas' stock will rise so that he ends up somewhere in that late first early second grouping. Like Brooks Reed, he can play in the middle of the field. He is a naturally intelligent player who can call Defenses, call audibles, and get others into position. He can cover, make tackles, and rush the QB as well. He would be better as a 3-4 OLB, but I feel he has the talent to play as a MLB too.

2. I have been following Fluker for a little while. I think he would be a great NFL RT in virtually any system. Sure, he likely will have some trouble with speed rushers, but thats basically why players are RTs rather than LTs! Give him some good coaching and hos natural athletic ability will stand out. Put him next to Ben Jones and watch him raise his game...afterall if a Bulldog can do it, surely a Bama man can!

3. Andrew Jackson reminds me of an old school nasty MLB. He plays hard is a central run stopper and a tackling machine. Cush is more of a roamer and blitzer, so these two would work very well together.
He will need to work on pas protection, but wont have to worry about that in the beginning.

3. I know a lot of us want Wade to get that big boy highly athletic NT. Unfortunately those are really hard to find and when they are available they tend to go pretty early. Wade's D did really well with Jay Ratliff and Larry Black Jr, reminds me of Ratliff. He is able to shoot gaps and still has good tackling ability behind the LOS. He gets pressure but doesn't take unnecessary chances creating massive gaps for runs. He wouldnt start but give him a little time and he starts down the road.

4. Yeah, you never know what some people think. Ga Tech really has been abysmal and he may fear next season could be worse. That said sometimes guys have circumstances where they need the money. I don't know his situation, but if he declares, I'd grab him here. However, you are probably right that he stays in school.

5. His blocking really drew me to him. Plus we have already seen the Texans playing a RT as TE in heavy/jumbo packages. He will mostly earn his money as a blockign TE. He has some running ability. With all the rage over TEs like Gronk and Graham, would a team use a 3rd/4th on a guy who will primarily make his money as a blocker? Not sure?

5. You might be right, perhaps he would be a better 6th rounder than 5th. That said, he is the perfect Center prospect for Kubes to develop. He would provide some nice depth and can learn and take time adjusting to the position. Myers struggled for a couple of years before really feeling comfortable in the ZBS. Depth at the OL is important and quality teams keep their depth strong year after year.

6. We may be the few who want a punter, but its amazing what a good punter can do for your Defense. Nothing against Donnie Jones, but Sharp could switch field positions. 5 yards doesn't sound like a lot, but over the course of a game, 5 yards can be the difference between a missed fg and a made fg. Ask Shayne Graham the importance of 5 yards...

7. You are right, we have no clue. My thinking is that he would want to turn pro. Two major injuries have ended his last 2 seasons. If he gets hurt a third time, maybe he is done with football alltogether. It may be smart to try to get drafted/signed to a team and at least get paid something rather than risk it for free in college. Its a tough decision either way, but if I was advising him, I may advise him to go the pro route and get IRed for 2013.

Thanks BL!!!

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