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Default Re: rmartin65's Thanksgiving Week Mock

Originally Posted by badboy View Post
Just my opinions; Cooper is good but does not beat out Jones who is getting much more playing time over Caldwell. I think Kubiak would stick with the familiarity that Newton and Jones are developing. Myers will remain as starting center who never misses games so if backup needed Jones moves and Brooks goes to RG. Based on Myers injury history,just don't see that happening. I think OG is one of the positions we will not see major movement. I am concerned about LG as Wade Smith leaves after 2013 but that can be addressed I think with a Ryan Harris type pick up or a high pick 2014 IF Brooks craps out.

2. Ansah is a great pick here and should be available. Could also play DE.

3. Benavides another good selection. May be best center now playing although Barrett Jones could be argued.

4. Don't see Ric Smith drafting a quitter but they did allow a certain udfa WR a chance to "get his head straight" even if he did not return.

5 Williams is a good back up Nose but not sure a Shaun Cody with back injuries who turns 30 this January will be back. I still see a higher pick for a Nose.

Enjoyed the read and appreciate your thoughts.
You like Jones over Cooper? I just dont see that. Jones can be a dirty starter in the NFL, while I think Cooper has Pro Bowl potential. I have rarely seen such agility from an interior offensive lineman.

As for Wilson, I think there are exigent circumstances involved. According to him, the WSU coaching staff was abusive. I suspect NFL teams will do an in depth look into these allegations.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
this would certainly open the door for Caldwell to leave via free agency. I don't feel however it is nesseccary for a ZBS team to spend a first round pick on a guard.

projecting Barwin gone? wouldn't that mean Mercilus evolves into starter role? I have only watched Ansah a couple times but he is not consistent, flashes of greatness & promise like Dion Jordan but doubt he walks into camp & beats out last year first rounder Whitney who has had luxury to develop & learn Wade Phillips system.

I like this pick a lot more than Cooper in the first. Doubt he needs to start with Brown entrenched & Newton going into year three. Allows Texans to move on post Butler as swing tackle.

I could go for another guard/center prospect to keep Jones working hard add depth & good young OL to develop. Combination of two promising OL in the third is still almost a luxury, but this is a good spot to add value & depth in much needed team need keeping salary cap balance moving forward.

What a bizarre season this young man has had. He is a fine receiver prospect to be sure but will have to answer tough questions, probably off Texans draft board because he quite his team & threw coaching staff under the bus even if he felt it necessary I'm not sure how they can trust him moving forward. Throw in Duke WR Vernon Conner here & it's money.

If he lasts this long, it would be a great pick for Texans who need more beef to run this 3-4 in all its glory. Mitchell has done well in Cody's absence but is getting man handled @ times. What they need is someone who is powerful that can stay on his feet in trash, maybe Brandon could be that guy.

This is a solid pick, in fact why not move up a little using Tate to get Banks in the first as well? The secondary would be deep & talented. Also if Vance Joseph leaves to become a defensive coordinator their defensive backs coach, Melvin Smith who has some Texas A&M connections.


Inline blocking TE a must. Tackles, especially Newton could use more shading to help in pass pro & Schaub needs to keep clean, can't afford to lose him now. Colorado is miserable, I commend you if you've watched him play as I have not but trust your evaluation. Love Iowa TE CJ Fiedorowicz & would use that 2nd rd. pick on him instead making this a slot for a developmental OLB.

Great value, Cushing does come back, meaner than ever & Bradie James/Dobbins are solid so this makes a lot of sense waiting for later & drafting a diamond in the rough.

Great pick, goes a little unnoticed because he doesn't have to punt that much. Also experienced in-climate weather conditions & high pressure games.

There are some real gems you have here. I made some tweeks with first couple picks & fourth that would make this one killer but that's what Amigos do.

Thanks for chiming in BL.

I think Cooper will have more impact than anyone else available at 32. Like I said above- If there are no holes/time for the offense, then the skill players cant do anything. By building the line, we are upgrading both the line and the skill positions.

I think Ansah would follow the same pattern as Mercilus- spot duty this year, then push for a starting spot the next. Ansah's ceiling is much, much higher than Mercilus'.

I like Connor Vernon, but I dont think he has number 1 potential. We have a lot of 2's and 3's on the roster already, we need to start trying to find someone who can be THE guy once AJ is gone.

If we trade up using Tate, we should probably spend a late pick on a RB. I am not opposed to to the idea at all.

You know how much a fan of Fiedo I am. I would have no qualms about doing a switcheroo, but this early in the draft season it is more interesting (to me, at least) to throw out some new names.
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