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Default Re: rmartin65's Thanksgiving Week Mock

Originally Posted by rmartin65 View Post
After 10 games, we have a pretty solid idea of our team’s needs, and at 9-1, there are not very many. This draft will most likely not produce more than a starter or two off the bat, but if the F/O does well, we could set up our depth for years to come. You will notice that this mock is huge- 10 picks. Our resident comp. pick expert (Dutchrudder) has stated in other threads that we should get 3 or 4, so I took the safe route. Obviously I would prefer to trade up, but I don’t predict trades. Due to this bevy of picks, I am not including any pictures or writing extremely long write-ups. If there are any questions, just post ‘em. As always, thanks for reading!

*This mock is contingent on Quin being re-signed, but Barwin walking.*

Round 1- North Carolina OG Jonathan Cooper, 6’3” 310 lbs
As much as I like the two young guys we grabbed last year (Jones and Brooks), OG still worries me. Couple that with Caldwell being a FA next year and Wade Smith being one the year after, and this pick became pretty clear. Cooper possesses excellent mobility and strength, and fits the Texans’ scheme like a glove.

Round 2- BYU OLB Ezekiel Ansah, 6’5” 270 lbs

With Barwin gone, we need someone to fill his role. Ansah is the physical freak who can fill those shoes. Honestly, just looking at athleticism, he is a top 10 talent. He runs fast, gets going in a hurry, and can turn and stop on a dime. However, I think he will be available due to the fact that he is incredibly raw, having only started playing football a couple years ago. The new OLB corps will be Reed/Mercilus/Ansah/Braman, all of which will be rotated throughout the game based on the situation on the field.

Round 3- Kent State OT Brian Winters, 6’5” 310 lbs
Winters is a little off the radar, but is a big reason why Kent State is having their best season in recent memory. He has the requisite athleticism to fit, and is technically sound. I predict he starts the season as the swing tackle.

Round 3- Louisville OC Mario Benavides, 6’4” 290 lbs
Benavides is a rough-and-tumble center prospect, who, like the other 2 OL prospects, has the athleticism this offense demands. The dude is a straight-up football player; try to catch a Louisville game if you can. You guys will be impressed.

Round 4- Washington State WR Marquess Wilson, 6’3” 185 lbs
Wilson is a 2nd round talent who drops due to poor play this past year, as well as the fact he just quit the team. His slight frame worries me, but he can stretch the stretch the field, has good hands, and can win ump balls. I was looking for a receiver with true number 1 potential without having to spend a valuable pick (because, honestly, the young receivers we have now are doing pretty well), and Wilson is that guy.

Round 5- Missouri Southern State NT Brandon Williams, 6’2” 330lbs
Our new NT. Williams reminds me a ton of BJ Raji- powerful and surprisingly quick. Although he has played against some weaker teams, he seems to live in the backfield. The other teams should be charging him rent.

Round 5- Mississippi State CB Corey Broomfield, 5’10” 180 lbs
While Banks gets all the hype, Broomfield always stands out more when I watch the Mississippi State defense. Now, he is limited at the next level due to his height and weight (I will be surprised if he actually is 5’10” 180… more like 5’8” 170 lbs), but he should be a great nickel or dime corner in the NFL. He is a true ballhawk, and flashes the ability to score when he gets the ball. Furthermore, he is a willing tackler- he is playing SS this season, and does not look out of place.

Round 6- Colorado TE Nick Kasa, 6’5” 260 lbs

The board is starting to come around to the idea of drafting a blocking TE, and I agree. Kasa is an ex OT/DE, and exhibits surprisingly good hands to boot. However, he will earn his pay primarily as a blocker.

Round 6- Cincinnati ILB Greg Blair, 6’1” 250 lbs
I bet some of you are freaking out that I waited this long for an ILB. Right? Well, it’s just the way the draft broke down for me. Anyway, Blair is a tough-nosed, run-stuffing linebacker who arrives at the ball in ill-humor. He will become a fan favorite here.

Round 7- Oregon P Jackson Rice, 6’3” 220 lbs
Big-legged punter. Boom.
Just my opinions; Cooper is good but does not beat out Jones who is getting much more playing time over Caldwell. I think Kubiak would stick with the familiarity that Newton and Jones are developing. Myers will remain as starting center who never misses games so if backup needed Jones moves and Brooks goes to RG. Based on Myers injury history,just don't see that happening. I think OG is one of the positions we will not see major movement. I am concerned about LG as Wade Smith leaves after 2013 but that can be addressed I think with a Ryan Harris type pick up or a high pick 2014 IF Brooks craps out.

2. Ansah is a great pick here and should be available. Could also play DE.

3. Benavides another good selection. May be best center now playing although Barrett Jones could be argued.

4. Don't see Ric Smith drafting a quitter but they did allow a certain udfa WR a chance to "get his head straight" even if he did not return.

5 Williams is a good back up Nose but not sure a Shaun Cody with back injuries who turns 30 this January will be back. I still see a higher pick for a Nose.

Enjoyed the read and appreciate your thoughts.
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