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Default Re: Cowboys Vs Texans Game Thread

Originally Posted by LoNghoRn-TeXaN
Are you telling me scoring 13 points against the best defense in 2003 (yards wise) isnt impressive? David Carr looks like John Elway.


Ok now your really going overboard lol. Not even close, sorry. Cowboys wont even have a top 15 defense this year, Im telling you last year was a 1 year wonder. They are even weaker this year at corner, and lost Darren for a little. They will be tough in running game but passing game they will get lit up. When Carr takes us to a superbowl and wins, then you can say he looks like John Elway, but even if he throws 40td's and 5int's, then loses the superbowl, you still can't compare him to John Elway....
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