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Default Re: Texans' Odds for SB

Originally Posted by ItsMyFault View Post
This thread is just about the odds being given to the Texans right now for being the favorite to win it all. Right now it's 3-1. Do you think it's too high or do you agree that the Texans should be the absolute favorite in the NFL?

This was discussed earlier on First Take, so that's why I'm asking Texans fans.
If more dollars are bet on us than any other team, then we are the realistic favorite if not the media or fan favorite. Vegas will take a cut, so if they're paying 3 to 1, our odds might be 4 to 1. Some of the NFC teams might be the favorite if they switched places with the Texans, but as it is they have a tougher road to the SB in the NFC.

I think Vegas is fairly close to the best available odds. Texans' fans are too emotionally biased to call this one accurately. On the pick'em thread many fans are just predicting a loss so that it won't hurt as bad if that happens, knowing that they'll be happy if the Texans win anyway.

I do think that the Texans' players had better feel like they're going to win, or they don't have much of a chance. That's an advantage the Patriots will have over us if we meet them in the Championship game. Bill "the cheater" will have them thinking they will win, while Kubs will be more nervous, subliminally telling our players they will lose. A big play early, like the Watt pick-6, would really help.
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