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Default Re: 3 Amigo Texan "BYE WEEK" Mock 2013 Draft

Originally Posted by rmartin65 View Post
I think the prime OGs will be gone by the time we pick, and also, I am quite high on Brooks, and to a lesser extent Jones, and think he will be ready to start next year. As for RT, I could see going with one there. Matthews is definitely on my watch list.
Im higher on Jones than Brooks .... and agree with BL , he'll be the starter at C eventually and Caldwell has no shot at getting that spot back barring injury.

Im not sold on Newton .... inconsistent is the word I'd use to describe him.

However, we decided that Woods presents greater value. All things even, I rate a number 1 WR more than a number 1 RT. If one of the young WRs step up, then this obviously changes. I have doubts on that happening though.
In nost offensive scheme's I wouldnt argue this point .... but everything this offense does is based off of the OL performing to perfection.

Who knows , maybe Newton continues to get better as the season goes along and my worries there are not justified.

I think the Texans can go with 6 WRs, since they all bring a little something different. AJ is the beast, Woods the future, Walter is Mr. Reliable, Jean is the big target, Martin is the returner/slot guy and Posey.., well, it sounds like the FO is high on the guy. If they are right (and obviously I hope they are) then WR becomes less of a need. By the end of the season/playoffs, we should have a better idea of Posey's future.
They went with 6 out of the gate this year .... but have had to make adjustments due to injury and trycycle not performing. I could see them doing it again .... but it does take a roster spot from a 3rd qb or another db / lb.

Re Keenan- personally, I like Woods better, but looking around the web and talking to people I seem to be in the majority. Thus, I think Allen goes before Woods, but I think we get the better player in this scenario.
misprint ?!?

I like Allen's combination of size and speed .... really close to AJ's size and a physical player in the same mold.

TBH I'd be fine with either of them at this point .... tho thats subject to change as the season goes on and their combine performances.

I think you answered yourself on ILB. While we would like to address the position earlier, there is simply no value. Te'o will be gone, although I would trade up for him if possible. The others all have some question marks, and we all like how Jackson fits in the 3rd.
Yeah , thats what it boils down to .... no value.

Then again , say T'eo drops out of the top 15 .... might have to consider making a move for him from 16 on .... hypothetical I know ....

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
I've felt the same way about this for years, then along comes a 7th rd. pick, becomes a starter who is growing into role week after week. Ben Jones, 4th rd. is a stud, who will probably be the starting Center in next three or four years, until then I don't see Caldwell getting his old job back, so he leaves & opens up a spot for last years 3rd rd. pick Brooks. Texans can acquire another un-drafted free agent who fits ZBS (smaller,quicker) either LG or RG. Keep the continuity established this season while building for the future with young OL already in waiting.
As I said above , so much of what they do is dictated by the OL's performance and Im not sold on Newton being the long term answer there tho with the salary cap issues he's a cheap option for now and maybe he improves enough to shut me up ....

first off don't think resigning Cody will break the bank. Texans will make a fair offer to set him up for life, yet within reason for what he means to this team. I think they will agree on a three year deal with player/team option for last year. This will safeguard position & allow time for draft pick to develop.
I get the feeling that will be the case too .... the issue being his health long term tho.
He has afterall been the most consistent DL on the roster over the past couple seasons - with the exception of JJ Watt from midseason last year till the present.

Your right, its time. I want to also see Andre flourish. A big reason why his numbers have dropped is because he has been flying solo, while still doing a lot of the dirty work. Texans need a big time threat who knows how to get open & take the top off the defense. Andre will always be #1 long as he is a Texan. What I look @ is a team like the Giants who have a #1 in Hakeem Nicks (their Andre Johnson) & probably the best #2 in the NFL (Victor Cruz). Very hard for teams to defend both & it spreads the defense & keeps teams from crowding the box to focus shutting down Foster & the running game.
You make a good point with the NYG comment .... I wouldnt argue against one of the top WR prospects in this draft .... unless one of a select few players were to fall in the Texans lap.

T'eo is the #1 prospect on our Texan Big Board, no argument, but like Von Miller, Earl Thomas, Joe Haden & others who have been favorites of this board @ positions of need will be long gone by the time Texans select. Trading up can work, just look at RG3 or Julio Jones but you better be right or you can set your program back 2 or 3 years. We liked Shayne Skov, Stanford, if Jackson is gone & he is still on the board in the 3rd he would be a good choice, close to BPA & fill a priority need.
Cant argue with any of this ..... tho I might have Hankins (Ohoi St. NT) as #1 overall on my board but there is no way they have a shot at him ..... its real close between he and T'eo. Tho I think you get better value with Jenkins , NT from Georgia in the middle of the round.
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