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Default Re: 3 Amigo Texan "BYE WEEK" Mock 2013 Draft

Originally Posted by WolverineFan View Post
1 Robert Woods WR, USC
- Love this guy. He has a Walter-like knack for getting open on crucial downs. Seems to be a student of the game at WR. Not very many college WRs are so adept at sifting through zones and finding soft spots. I think, lined up across from Andre, we would be lethal on the outside. However, once Andre is gone, Im not sure hes the kind of guy who can carry the WR corp (much like Andre has done) by himself.

*Im very intrigued with his teammate Marquise Lee, but kid is a Soph.

fairly or unfairly this helps Texans chances of Woods sliding more than he should

2 Louis Nix DT, Notre Dame
- Not sure if we he will be available at this point. Hes shooting up draft boards right now. Thats if he comes out, BTW. Very disruptive at the point of attack. Could even be considered somewhat of a playmaker, which is odd for a NT. Good pass rusher for his size. Has experience playing in the middle of a 3-man front (not many projected NTs do). Im a fan, but he only comes out if hes going higher than this, IMO.

*You can attribute a lot of Teos success to this guy.

you pay attention

3 C.J. Fiedorowicz TE, Iowa
- Like this guy. He has suffered from poor QB play this year, but already has more receptions this year than last. Good blocker and receiver and has good hands. With the emergence of the spread, guys like this are a dying breed. I dont know what it is about Iowa, but they know TEs. I love complete TEs like this who can contribute in all phases.

* Another TE I like around this part of the draft would be Zach Ertz (Stanford). Not as polished, but has a ton of potential.

Ertz isn't as big & physical but I like him too

(3) Andrew Jackson ILB, Western Kentucky
- Not all too familiar with this guy. I know Saban thinks hes pretty good. Ive heard a lot of positive things about him, but I havent seen him play so Ill refrain from analysis.

badboy deserves all the credit for uncovering him

4 Lane Johnson OT, Oklahoma
- Good depth candidate. Seems like hed be a good fit as a swing tackle with developmental potential. Agree that he could immediately replace Butler. Seems to have an overall developed game. Not great at anything, but not bad at anything either.

journeyman written all over him but to Texans a valued commodity

(5) Etienne Sabino OLB, Ohio State
- Ehh. Not a fan of his. Very athletic and flashes playmaking ability, but makes a lot of mistakes. When Michigan played them last year, OSU was starting a true freshman LB with an injured leg at the other LB...UM ran at Sabino anyway (very successfully). He just doesnt seem to have the mental aspect of the game down to me.

you mean hits like this -

(5) Josh Johnson CB, Purdue
- Great pick, love this guy. Extremely underrated prospect. Would be a guy to target as a Quin protge. If we want CBs who can tackle playing Safety, this is a guy to pursue. Very physical and great tackler. I salivate at the thought of drafting this kid.

65 ran with this guy all the way to the bank

6 Zach Boren FB, Ohio State
- I hate this kid, so Im obviously biased. I dont really see the need to take a FB here if youve already taken a TE earlier. Daniels, Graham, Casey, & Fiedorowicz all at TE is a logjam if Ive ever seen one. Keeping Casey at FB in this situation just makes sense. I think were better as an offense with an H-Back type guy playing FB anyway.

*The new offense at OSU has limited his offensive snaps so he has played some LB recently. Could be a good ST guy, has the right mentality.

hard nosed, active, high motor sounds like he fits Texans

7 Kapron Lewis-Moore DE, Notre Dame
- Meh. Good kid, marginal talent. I guess he could find a niche in the NFL because of specialty, like Jamison has done. Hes been outplayed by better talents at ND already (Stephon Tuitt, So. & Sheldon Day, Fr.). If we go DE Id rather go earlier or grab someone with more potential.

*Keep an eye on the Tuitt kid. Could come out early next year and be the next Watt.

if that's the case I would go after Oregon State sophomore Scott Crichton, 8 sacks already, he will be the next Watt

I think it works, but it could be better. Obviously I dont agree with taking both a TE and FB. The first 3 picks hit and Johnson is a late gem, IMO. Would like to see another interior OL brought in, but thats not a sticking point. Good job fellas. A lot of hard work and it is appreciated!

*I didnt realize you guys were just drafting from the B1G/ND though. It seems kind of odd to be so B1G heavy in this draft when its the worst the conference has been in years.
Texans track record speaks for itself last draft, Illinois, Ohio State, Michigan State, Nebraska, Purdue all Big 10 schools. Just coincidence I'm sure

Not even a big Irish fan either, but they get some top kids who want to play for Notre Dame regardless. They hired the wrong Kelly to coach the team, I mean the guy just does nothing for me, very bland I also didn't like the way he left Cincinnati. But anyway moving to specifics.

Texans have yet to replace Vonta Leach in our opinion. Is it just coincidence that Baltimore likes to pilfer free agent Texans? Anyway investing a 6th rd. pick to upgrade the FB position doesn't seem that bad of deal as opposed to 8 million a year. I understand your bitter rivals vs the Ohio State, sorry about that nothing personal. Blocking @ the line of scrimmage is probably my biggest concern or need to address with this team (nitpicking). A blocking FB & blocking TE will solve that, fact is they could also bring some offensive skills to the table a plus. We looked at interior linemen too but good ones go early, have enough projects in development so went high end on defensive side & receiving.

thanks for feedback WolverineFan.

Just out of curiosity what are your thoughts of Denard Robinson?

2012 Draft was Mercilus
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