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Default Re: I Still Dont Trust the KUBIAK & SCHAUB Regime

Originally Posted by Luv_ya_blue View Post
Look bud, there's a reason that the mods & admins tried (repeatedly) to get you to spend some time learning the people you're trying to insight hostility, rather than just coming in like a troll and stirring up crap. Let me give you a newsflash: YOU HAVE ABSOLUTELY ZERO CREDIBILITY WITH ANYONE ON THIS BOARD. And evidently you have LESS THAN THAT with the board you just left. Common denominator is you Pard. Connect the dots.
insight hostility? all i did was make a thread saying i dont trust kubiak and schaub & laid out why. Its only hostility because you dont agree with the take.I DIDNT START THE NAME CALLING. THE PEOPLE THAT DISAGREED WITH MY TAKE DID. LOOK AT MY POST HISTORY.

As for crediblity, i didnt sign up for this board to "gain credibility" but to kill time and talk texans football. Im not you, trying to regain/ rekindle some popularity you never had in real life.

Stirring crap? What like every message board in the world? I never broke any rules and i have always talked football. You guys were the ones acting all hostile towards me because you didnt like my take. Be real and admit it. LIKE I SAID BEFORE, CHECK MY POST HISTORY. CHECK EVERY THREAD I MADE. I MAKE FOOTBALL POINTS AND PEOPLE COME IN AND START THE NAME CALLING. I ONLY RETURN FIRE WHEN FIRED UPON.

Originally Posted by Luv_ya_blue View Post
As to ME being a "homer" of any sort just shows how ignorant you are to the people you're trying to engage in intelligent conversation.

The epitome of mindless?!?! Do you know how long it took me to find those pics and links?? Come on man!
so you throw out insults but when i actually turn it around on you and show how much of a hypocrite you are you go and try to weasel out of it by "you know how long it took me to get those pictures come on man!"

what being mindless has a time limit now? yea, no wonder it didnt take you too long, it was mindless after all. If it had any thought in it or "soul", it would take time.

Originally Posted by Luv_ya_blue View Post
No, no no! You misunderstand everyones comments! It's not the fact that you don't "agree with everything kubiak" that makes you a troll/hater/etc. God knows that there are more than enough people round these parts that don't like kubiak or his approach--yours truly being one of them. It's the fact that you come off as a petulant little child, an obnoxious jerk or a babbling drone. As I've been told many times on this very board: It's not your material that is offensive, IT'S YOUR APPROACH! Again, YOU DON'T KNOW ANYONE HERE--and you come in slinging crap at everyone non-stop. Now, if you don't like the fact that people are going to defend one another against and go on the attack against a TURDSTOOL such as yourself, then do yourself a favor-->back away from the boards a bit. Spend a few weeks READING POSTS and getting to know the posters, and then ease back into the fray.
Give me freaking break and stop perpetrating a fraud. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH MY APPROACH. WHAT'S WRONG IS THE FACT THAT IM NEW AND I HAVE NEGATIVE OPINION OF KUBIAK. If i made a thread titled I NOW TRUST THE KUBIAK AND SCHAUB REGIME and start extolling the positives of this regime this thread would have died the very same day and im everyones new friend. Lets just get real here.

If would have done that, would my post be described as obnoxious? petulant? no it wouldnt. it would generate a positive reaction instead of a negative one. WE ARE IN TEXANS TALK.COM right? Its only seen as the way you see it because you're just on the opposite end of the spectrum and im on the other. When it comes to kubiak's record, no one end of the spectrum has supreme authority to say they are in morally righteous side of the argument.


Originally Posted by Luv_ya_blue View Post
Again, this comment shows just exactly how LITTLE you actually know about the members of this board. Step away dude, take a breath and learn to know the guys that you're talking to. You haven't EARNED THE RIGHT to be taken seriously yet. And your posts don't help.

Take a little dose of your own medicine, bud.

I have never disrespected anybody's opinion. i stated my opinion on kubiak and people started the generic reaction flame attacks. I COULDNT CARE LESS. I made my post about kubiak and schaub and why i feel that way. that's all i wanted to talk about. everybody whose e-motion got hurt felt the need to resort to personal attacks. i responded accordingly.

The fact that your still arguing with me acting like my new groupie proves that you're the one that needs to deal with a differing opinion despite how much seniority that person has. I mean, where the heck are we? the military?

Or a internet message board about the nfl?

I dont care if im new and i stepped on your unwritten code of etiquette that you personally have. I havent broken any rules here.

Im new and i have a opinion about the houston texans, and i made a thread about it.

Isnt that what we are here for?

Or are YOU here to make friends to fill the void?
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