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Angry My PROBLEMS WITH KUBIAK during this game...

My Problems with Kubiak during this game:

1. Why did Kubiak start with a pass happy offensive set? I think that's what caused the funky start that we had. We are one of the top running teams in the entire nfl and we have one of the best running back duos in the nfl yet we start passing? This same strategy caused us to give up a quick 5 points to denver btw.

their defense is pretty shoddy up front with raji gone. they have clay matthews rushing. Wouldnt it serve us better if we started running the ball?

-keep rogers off the field.
-make matthews and that defense use up some energy by running instead of giving them free reign to rush schaub with 100% of their energy right off the bat. tire them out first then go for some passes.
-gives some rhythm to the offensive line especially the right.

Instead we go pass happy, schaub gets sacked and we get off to a horrendous start offensively.

2. You see we are struggling with the passing game why not change it up and put keyshawn martin in for more reps instead of walter who has trouble getting separation. Arian is a great pass catching rb BUT WE NEVER RUN ENOUGH SCREEN PLAYS FOR ARIAN. His offensive set is far too vanilla and lacks dynamic diversity when it comes to strictly PASSING PLAYS. We are far too reliant on the play action to get big yards.

3. Why is kubiak using Foster to run throw away run plays like running out a half. Why not use tate or even forsett? why continue to give foster reps to add to his totals? save foster for more meaningful runs, not throw away runs. Ben tate can sure use the reps. even before tate got hurt and ESPECIALLY LAST YEAR, kubiak doesnt give tate enough reps.

4. when is merciless going to see the field? he's suppose to give reed and barwin rest but i havent seen him play a snap on defense. why not trot him out there, spell struggling barwin and reed. they will be fresher for it later in the game.

5. why is kubiak so averse at trying to score just before the half ends with little time? i mean he just completely shuts it down and gives up and runs out the ball (using foster ahhhhhahhh) why not take some shots down the field or try to get a field goal. HE NEVER GOES FOR IT. This goes back to my complaints about kubiak not having a killer instinct & being far too conservative playing not to lose instead of trying to win.

6. the horrible clock management. on offense not calling a time out and one on defense were aaron rodgers pretended to go for it. COMMON FREAKING SENSE SAY USE A TIMEOUT BOTH TIMES!!! Even al michaels and collinsworth were perplexed at why they didnt call a time out.

7. i refuse to believe kareem jackson is a better corner than roc carmichael and or brandon harris. i just refuse to. ive seen carmichael play in preseason games this year where he more than held his own. he also had some great plays where HE ACTUALLY TURNED HIS HEAD AROUND AND LOOKED FOR THE BALL, something kareem just cannot do. this is another pet peeve of mine about kubiak. HE REFUSES TO MAKE CHANGES AND ADJUSTMENTS TO STRUGGLING PERSONNEL except when running backs fumble and they get the steve slaton treatment. Why not do it for other struggling positions? They are going to ride and die with kareem because they want to save face publicly and not admit they made a mistake with him.

8. special teams. lets just move on.

9. Penalties. That is lack of discipline. That is a reflection of the head coach.

10. Not going for it on 3rd and short. We are behind, you have foster and tate & a great offensive line. why not go for it? instead we settle for field goals. Goes back to my no killer instinct play not to lose instead of playing to win critique of kubiak.
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