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Originally Posted by dream_team View Post
Thanks for starting this thread. Mainly because I think Wade needs to be getting more blame for this game in this forum. If you read around here, he seems to be getting a free pass. No one is talking about how Wade, in his career, has never beat Aaron Rodgers. Not many are talking about how the Packers exploited the dime package where GQ came down as a LB. Not many are talking about how we couldn't put pressure on the QB w/o sending in a blitz and putting our DBs in single coverage. Not many are talking about all of the breakdowns in coverage.

I understand Kubiak is the HC and deserves most of the blame, but Wade should be right there 2nd in line for his worst game as a Texan.
Excellent point. Teams that spread Wade's defense out in Dallas and had a good protection scheme, starting moving the ball at will. If you don't have a consistent pass rush then you need shut down "players" at multiple positions in your back end.

This is why i got so deflated after we replaced Allen with Ball, and Demeco with Bradie James. It is why Keo should have never made this roster(in case of injuries). EVERYONE on the back end must be capable.

I have watched Wade for years and have been a fan of his high pressure, don't give em an inch mentality. But loyalties to incapable players, and a refusal to adjust are part of the bargain.

If you keep up with other teams recent history you will see that Wade is not alone. For years Tom Brady killed Dick Lebeau. Spread him out and killed him with one on one match ups. Finally Lebeau adjusted and had recent success by adjusting and playing more short to intermediate zones, and staying in more 2 deep coverages. Of course he still plays alot of man, but he had to adjust.

I'm confident that Wade will make the proper adjustment, but not overly confident. History tells me differently. But something has to give as we start playing more high powered offenses. Either Barwin/Reed/Smith are going to step it up, or we will see these very issues time and time again.

Thankfully we don't play these type of offenses each week. But when we do don't be shocked if this isn't the last time this thread rears it's ugly head.

BTW, is Braman ever going to get at shot at more playing time??
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