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Default Re: Bad boys (Texans) Vs. Bad Girls (Cowboys) Prediction!!!!!

texansfan, what's ironic is there are many diehard Cowboys fans (myself included) who are still supportive of the Texans and are excited about that franchise. But being a Texan I take pride in every Texas sports team. I like the Mavericks more than the Spurs or Rockets but when they get to the playoffs or finals I root for them. I like the Rangers more than the Astros but when Houston picked up Clemens and Pettite this year I was really hoping to see the team do well..and was actually looking more foward to seeing the Astros play than the Rangers. So liking the Texans more than the Cowboys I can completely understand, If I were from the Houston area I would jump on the bandwagon...however despising them the way ya do is insane. Especially for all the Superbowl titles they brought back to Texas. I may always be a diehard Cowboys fan but Im hoping just as much of the rest of you to see the Texans in the Superbowl. It would be even more awesome to see the Cowboys and the Texans in the Superbowl, hopefully one day.

And about the jags, I hate them also. I watched them play Houston lastyear and they take poor sportsmanship to another level. For instance hitting the Texans punt returner on a "fair catch". When I saw that, it almost made me as mad as when T.O. acted like an *** on the Star at Texas Stadium.
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