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Default Re: Bad boys (Texans) Vs. Bad Girls (Cowboys) Prediction!!!!!

I agree, the hatred for the Cowboys on this board is unreal...ofcourse that is what builds a great rivalry.

My prediction is Dallas:21, Houston:10

In all seriousness though, I really look forward to seeing both teams play. Especially the Texans since I think it's safe to say they can be true contenders this year. They have the talent, they just have to build on it...these next couple of years should be real exciting for Houston football as the team continues to progress. I hope to see that Carr has come along even further over the off season. I also cant wait to watch Babin and Dunta Robinson. And then theres Andre Johnson, this guy is just fun to watch. I wish Domanick was playing in the game though, I've never seen anyone who can keep their feet chugging at 90mph like he does.

As for the Cowboys, I cant wait to see how Henson performs under pressure. Let's see if he reallly has solid accuracy in the game like they say he does in practice. I also cant wait to see Julius Jones run the ball some...Eddie George will be a treat to watch also. And then theres Tony Dixon and Roy Williams. Tony has to step up tonight, there is no doubt about that. And as for Roy, he's arguably becoming one of the greatest safeties in the league...I hope he brings it and pounds a few people around.
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