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Default Re: IF Cushing is done for the season what are our SB chances?

The D won't be as good as if we had The Kraken, but we still have The JUGGERNAUT watt making game changing plays. Dobbins is good enough as far as I know, and if we keep injuries to a minimum the rest of the way, we are still Superbowl bound no doubt.

My concerns are the Run D especially with our BEAST in the middle being out now.

ST suck. Punting sucks, return game sucks. Our offense continually has a long field to march.

AJ just isn't the same. He shoulve owned cromartie last night and instead got shut down easy. Yea yea schaub didn't Target him..well from what I saw aj couldn't get separation.
He needs to get refocused and channel his younger self to come out.

We missed Ben Tate last night. Arian is a BEAST, but he can't keep this pace up if he wants to last thru Feb..
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