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Default Re: Bad boys (Texans) Vs. Bad Girls (Cowboys) Prediction!!!!!

Originally Posted by BigDTexansFan
OK let's see Texans work out in heat and humidity, Cowgirls put lace on their undies and play in 70's degree no humidity cereal state (fruits, flakes and nuts)

Cowgirls win another meaningless preseason game,(NOTE to Cowgirls fans..NFL doesn't keep records of who won preseason games and scoring a lot of points in preseason means about as much as a date with your sister)

NFL only keeps records of games that matter

Sept 8, 2002 Reliant Stadium (STILL only retractable roof stadium in NFL)

Dallas players talk noise on "Hard Knocks" on HBO, Fans trash talk on internet


Texans 19
Cowgirls 10

ohhhhhhh we have this record

1 win no losses vs Cowgirls

their record

0 wins 1 loss vs Texans

come see us in 2006...WHEN IT REALLY MATTERS

all that said considering Parcells wants to so bad he will play 1st team D most of game to win a meaningless game so fans won't realize wheels are of bus and it is about to crash.

I hope we win just so Parcells the paranoid can say we let them win


Congratulations on your 1-0 record for the boys.

But I prefer to talk about the Five Superbowl victories.

OK enough smack talk. I really do wish the Texans and the Boys played yearly.

That would make for a great rivalry.

Here is to no one getting hurt this Saturday.

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