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Default Re: Week 3 VS Broncos. Lets Predict :)

Originally Posted by ObsiWan View Post
I get what you're saying but I have to disagree. If the Evil Peyton has seen it once, he'll figure it out and recognize it the second time around. As evidence I direct you to the 4th qtr of that game when he almost brought Denver back.

No... you gotta switch it up on Peyton. Better yet, control the clock and keep his big head in a baseball cap on the sideline.
The problem is not Peyton's decision making. It is his arm. He cannot fit it through holes deep in the secondary anymore, period. The DBs have way too much time to close on the football.

I guarantee you if we lose this game, it will be because we come out in our base defense and play the blitz game like we always do. Yes, we may get to Manning a few times, but he is going to start hitting those 5-10 yards slants over the middle all day. That is what he excels at.

Also, the only thing bringing that football team back in the 4th quarter was Willis McGahee and that awesome O-Line. If you noticed, in the second half, Peyton relegated his O-Line to calling out the coverage. I have never seen that before. Also, If not for his running back Willis MaGahee running up to him and tapping him saying "Give me the GD BALL!!?!@!", TWICE, Peyton would have audibled out of those run plays on the Goal Line to that stupid sprint play to Stokley or a lob to DT.
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