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Default Eli Manning's knee brace

strange .. Looks like the Giants and Tom Coughlin certainly did their research on Eli. They didn't know he wore a brace for games?!?! Anyway, Manning is not injured, and he's just trying to get used to wearing the device in preparation for Friday's preseason action.

article at .. and this from
Giants quarterback Eli Manning usually wears a brace on his left knee during games, but he had been playing without the device throughout training camp. It turns out, though, that Manning's new brace was simply on back order. "He said he had worn that in college," head coach Tom Coughlin told the team's official web site. "He said he had ordered the thing and it wasn't here yet. I asked if there was some kind of incident? He said, ‘No, I just wore it in college and I'll wear it here.' It was a surprise to me, I'll say."
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