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Default Re: Don't draft KC, TE Tony Gonzalez...

Originally Posted by MikeMc
This is what I have found from ESPN EDGE:

Date, Status
Aug. 2, News

News: Gonzalez will continue to participate in just one of two daily practice sessions to rest his foot, the Chiefs Web site reports.

Gonzalez said that although his foot (stress fracture) healed improperly, he doesn't see the injury as a major problem. "They've got me on the one-a-day program which I am not complaining about," said the Kansas City tight end. "It is coming around. I am able to come out here and go full speed for one practice." He went on to explain that the condition should not prevent him from practicing. "As long as I go once a day, be smart about, put ice on it after practice and be smart about it to keep the inflammation out I will be fine," Gonzalez said. "That is basically what it is. I broke the bone and it healed, but healed up kind of crooked. Now it digs into the tissue. When I am on it a lot it fatigues out." Gonzalez's status is something to keep tabs on throughout training camp.
I hope what Gonzalez said, is accurate...a same type of injury kept Kearse out, and limited his movility.

Gonzalez needs to take care of that injury, because it can become worse.

Thanks to everyone else that posted something related to this.
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