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Originally Posted by Rey View Post
Just responding to this part.

That's not neccesarily true. I don't think he's missed any time due to failed drug tests and if a person has problems with migraines they will likely try whatever works.

I've read stuff that says mary jane is an immediate remedy.

I don't know how you can make a statement like that....We really don't know..
I can make a statement that smoking WEED (I like to capitalize it because it needs to be capitalized. It's not Tylenol. It's WEED) is bad for a player who is going to be tested in the NFL.

We gripe all.the.time about how "Players should know what's on the PED list, how could he get popped for could he get popped for that." Why not sit here and say that any player we acquire who might be smoking WEED might get busted and draw a lengthy suspension, which means he's doing us no good by sitting out games we needed him for???????????

I don't think it's out of line. I think what IS out of line is how WEED is suddenly the en vogue wonder treatment. It seems to be the answer to everything. LOL.

Originally Posted by The Pencil Neck View Post
Yeah, GP. You're making the assumption that the migraines are an excuse to smoke pot. IF he really has migraines and if they're as bad as has been reported, then I'm not going to hold his pot smoking against him because it's like taking any other painkiller to stop the pain.

Sorry, Rey. I piggybacked you.
You ought to hold his pot smoking against him if he's on your team and gets popped and then has to sit out games because of suspension.

Damn straight you should hold his pot smoking against him. If he's not on our team? Then that's awesome...I hope he smokes until it oozes out of his pores and he serves a suspension with any other of the 31 teams out there.

But if he's on MY team and he smokes, no way Jose. I say nope to dope in that scenario. No risk-taking if I'm an owner and it's an issue.

Originally Posted by Carr Bombed View Post
Pot smoking is against the rules in the NFL whether he has migraines or not... it's not like the league is going to say "oh you have migraines, we're sorry... toke up". They'll suspend him just the same.

And I don't hold his pot smoking against him either, I think it should be legal and if they (my employers) allowed me to toke up, I would... but I can't, because they don't allow me to and it's illegal.
I guess I'm really amazed at the level of acceptance toward WEED. It's almost like people find it as a badge of honor or something. I totally don't understand the culture of it. And never will, I suppose. And I'm not willing to try it in order to attempt an understanding of it, either.

My main emphasis, if not my ONLY emphasis is that doing WEED is bad because it's still considered to be a no-no by employers, especially NFL employers. For that reason--since my only true sports love is NFL football--I don't want the Texans doing WEED. We wouldn't want a player doing roids in the off-season and risking not cycling off in time...we wouldn't want a player to light up a fatty and get busted (whether he's tested or busted by a cop, etc.).

Originally Posted by drunkcookie View Post
Ha, maybe you should have made your comments about it more along those lines, because they weren't! Your original comment/analogy was no where in the ball park of the comments quoted where.. (EDIT: actually, reading it again, i can see where you would be going down that line...was just kind of incomplete i guess..)

And i do agree that it's possible he's just a smoker period... And it's a huge risk paying for a player you know for sure can get popped, whether you agree with what that player is doing and why or not...
No, I shouldn't have to micro-manage every single thing I say. In fact, in your quote (above) you even state that in re-reading what I said you can see what I meant.

What I think is really going on is that there's a contingency of smokers here who are sympathetic to the issue to the point that the issue can't be debated within any confines.

It won't matter how many times I say that I only care about this issue as it affects MY favorite team, nah...all that gets read is that GP says nope to dope for everyone. I'm infringing on people's civil liberties or something...when all I said was that we don't need a smoker on our team if he's using to medically treat a health issue. Ricky Williams had to go find himself in a sweaty tent all over the world, he retired from football too...we don't need smokers, and I'd hope this team would seriously consider that when acquiring players.

Am I naive enough to think our guys aren't smoking? No. I'm saying if we have prior knowledge of a smoker out there whom we are targeting, why go after him and spend the money, the draft pick(s), and risk him getting popped in the future? Seems too risky to me.
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