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Default Re: C'boys Terrific 12 v. our Terrific 12

Originally Posted by thegr8fan
... But do you honestly think that it would be a 'fair' comparison to compare our 3 years of drafting to the Cowboys last 4 years. There is a big difference between 1 draft class and the next. So shouldn't there be a big difference between 3 and 4 years of picks? ...
I was trying to make the statement:

a) that players drafted the first day are particularly valuable to a franchise for 4 years, because of the salary cap; and

b) that the Texans now have caught up with other teams in this regard, because of expansion picks and CC. Although we didn't get to participate in the 2001 draft, we have as large a salary cap friendly pool of players drafted on the first day as other teams.

Originally Posted by thegr8fan
Honestly I am a Texans fan so I would naturally have to say I like our players/picks stacked up against theirs, no matter who the team. But here is the 'problem', THEY made it into the playoff's, WE didn't. So does that mean that THEIR players, playing as a team, which is what football is about, actually complement each other better team wise and therefor were better picks.

It is about the playoffs, so I think in comparison, their picks were better for thier teams success.
The C'boys made the playoffs because their division included two teams that totally collapsed, fired their coaches and co-ordinators and changed their starting quarterbacks. Our division contained both co-MVPs and two teams that won playoff games. That's a swing of 4 games. Our records look a lot closer if you don't include their Wash/NY games and our Tenn/Indy games.

Also, I would argue that the players Dallas drafted in the last 4 years weren't the reason they made the playoffs.

I think this bundle of drafted players tells you a lot about where a franchise is going. We have Carr/Johnson/Davis. At one time, they had Aikman/Irvin/Smith (Terrific 12 players). They have Testiverte/Johnson/George now. I like our future better.
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