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Originally Posted by texasguy346
Ah the Preseason. The NFL is just starting and the fans are in mid season form. Hasslebeck over Ramsey & Brunell? I suppose if Rohan Davey leads the Patriots on a game winning 98 yard drive he'll supplant Brady as the QB of the Super Bowl champs. The preseason playbook is very mild, and 3rd stringers can look like stars. Portis had 11 yards on 4 carries, but does that mean he'll be a bust for the Redskins? Of course not. Starters see limited action, and have to shake off the rust from the offseason. Let's at least wait till the 4th preseason game before we start shaking up the roster.
Thank you for explaining the purpose of the preseason to us all friend. I don't know how we would have made it through the rest of the season without your Costas like way of guiding us through. Great job twisting a harmless postulation thread into your own personal diatribe about over zealous fan-ism. We would have never figured out such gems as "starters see limited action". I only hope that Capers and company are reading your posts, so they too can see the light.
My point was this. Gibbs is an old school coach. He has nothing to prove because he has done it all before, when little Daniel Snider was pooping in his pampers. He is an icon in DC, and fans will side him over Snider in personnel decisions. Ramsey has shown flashes of talent, followed by lapses of extreme mediocrity. Bruenell is the obvious starter, but if that does not work out, then Gibbs won't be afraid to do whatever is needed to shake things up. If it means giving Haselbeck the ball just to see how he performs, then he'll do it IMO. Hasselbeck sucked at the fun and gun, of that there is little doubt, but so did Ramsey, Matthews, Wurefuel (sp), and a few others that Spurrier tried out. In Gibbs counter -tre (thanks Madden) offense, the QB just has to manage the game and not screw up. He doesn't need to throw for 5000 yards and 25 TDs.
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