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Default Re: Thoughts on Mercilus and My 2nd/3rd Round Draft Value Chart

Hey guys, I was wondering if everyone else is as happy as I am about this draft? I mean we got 3 great hogs for the O-line...Mercilus the Merciless!!! We got Crick, who is a great gamble to get in there as a down lineman, whom excelled when he had someone a little more brilliant playing next to him. Well great news brotha cause we got that kinda situation going on.

I have been digging up reports from pre-draft about the two WR and the only knock on the guys are that they aren't that good at blocking. So that made me think, after the Texans had WR Randle right in their lap and traded away, that they feel these guys can do what they are looking to do and they could add a pick on the 3rd "1st-round" (day 3-4th rd).

Perhaps they are looking for more aggressive 4/1 and 5/0 sets, using Arian lined up wide? That way we can stress teams that have shallow depth at DB and protect Matt with quick release while we bring along our baby giants?

I am happy with what they've done and I look forward to supporting them. I swear to God the only person that my confidence is low in, is Kareem Jackson LOL .... #25 is always on the bad end of a great play. Hurts me deep :x
I still have faith that we can bury our division!
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