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Default Re: Badboy, rmartin65 & beerlover Final 2012 Group Mock

Originally Posted by aussie_texan View Post
FIFTH ROUND, #161: Ryan Lindley, QB San Diego State. 6’3 3/4” 229, 32 ¼” arm length, hand size 10 1/8”
Looking at the Texans roster, there are only 2 QBs listed- Schaub and Yates. Matt is coming off a serious injury, and will be a highly paid free agent after this coming season, while we all like Yates, it is simply not prudent to put all of our eggs in one basket. Therefore, we have decided to draft Ryan Lindley at this spot in the draft. Lindley boasts excellent size for the position, and is quite adept at throwing on the move, but is even better in the pocket. A 4 year starter, Lindley exhibits great maturity. So why does he fall this far? The answer is simple- competition and accuracy. Playing in the MWC is obviously not the same as playing in the SEC, and as for accuracy, Lindley needs some work. The ability is there, but he is just not consistent. All in all, he should be a great 3rd QB this season, with the potential to be a starting QB down the line. Texans need to use Kubiak’s feel & developmental abilities @ the QB position, someday instead of just letting coveted free agents walk, where they have depth these young, developed QB’s have great trading value down the road if they so choose.

SIXTH ROUND, #195: Randy Bullock, Kicker Texas A&M. 5’10” 205, 100 PAT% 2009-10
Bullock won the Lou Groza Award as College Football’s top kicker in 2011. 29 of 33 Field Goal attempts made, increasing FG 87.9% from 76.2% in 2010 while increasing length. His trend line is a positive one, that is important to a kicker’s confidence & proving track record based on sound fundamentals moving forward to the NFL. His range is currently already in the 50 yard territory with a 52 yard FG this past season setting a new personal best . With strengthening & more technical work he can be expected to extend his range into the mid to high 50 yard range on a consistent basis. Scouts came away impressed with his leg strength both at the Combine & Pro-Day. Randy already looks the part of a NFL kicker, both quality of character, work ethic & maturity. We feel it’s time special teams coach grooms a young 10-15 year starter to become the Texans long term answer & closer.

SEVENTH ROUND, #233: Ishmaa’ily Kitchen, NT Kent State. 6’3” 334, 35 reps 31” vertical
Our last pick is going towards a developmental player that flashed brilliance at the college level, but needs to be coached up to his talents. Yes, the Texans are now using a system where the NT is a penetrator, and that is not really Kitchen’s game. However, Wade has proven over the years to design his scheme around his talent. And we believe Kitchen has talent, it is just a matter of uncovering it. Kitchen’s biggest strength is, well, his strength. He is a bear to move inside, and consistently occupies 2 blockers, effectively neutralizing the run game. There was a very noticeable difference when Kitchen missed a couple games due to a dislocated elbow, and when he was in the game. Even if he never pans out to be a starting caliber player (it is a 7th rounder, after all), he should still be a useful player in short-yardage situations.

Well done Guys, great mock.

double dipping on offence in the first 2 rounds would be impressive. it would add a whole different dimension to our offence and if it fell this way i would be pretty happy.

Fleener is one of the 3 or 4 players i would be very happy with if we took in the first. He gives our offence are real playmaking ability. And I'm not to concerned about his blocking. It isn't great but for a receiver first TE is pretty good.

Quick has been rising up boards fast and if he could be had in the 2nd that would be fantastic. There are a lot of WR in the 1-2 range so someone has to fall.

Lewis is an intriguing prospect that i think can offer a lot for any NFL team. He looks like he could be a real stud.

Only concern is the double pick on the O-line. Obviously you guys went for BPA which i completely agree with but i would like to see maybe a CB or NT to replace one of them.

have no idea about the 7th rounder.

Overall a very nice mock that offers real x-factor and playmaking ability to the team!

would have liked to analysis this earlier but i have had a little on my plate recently.[/quote]Thanks for compliments! Beerlover pretty much said it all but I'd like to add we all had favorites at each round but we also have to consider Texans' philosophy and history. For example Nose tackles: while we want bigger and stronger, this position was not a pet door allowing RBs to go through whenever. Why use a 4th on a player who basically going to sit and learn? We realize there are better candidates higher but that means disregarding the position we took instead.

Oline: we ask that readers evaluate the skills that allow our selections to play more than one position. Hopefully, Butler & Caldwell will do well on right side and Smith returns to pre-2011 form. If not, we have to have someone preparing.

Corners? One of my favorite positions! I have advocated trades, free agents and draft guys. Not sure if you were on MB when I went thru my rant after Kareem Jackson was picked. Hint--it wasn't pretty. One thing BL, 65 and I could not overlook, coaching has made improvements during the brief time it had. McCain really came to play forcing my guy Brandon Harris to remain off field. KJ did much better to the point that Allen was not brought back. As BL stated if someone drops that is obviously an improvement, we'd be happy to go there. We are interested to see how Harris and Roc Carmichael step up this season.

Anyway we do appreciate your thoughts and comments. DRAFT ON!!
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