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Default Dutch's Mock Draft v1.0

There's a first time for everything, so I thought I'd throw out a mock draft of my own. The fanbase consensus seems to be that we will go WR or D-line for the first pick, and then address other needs with our 2-4 picks as they come up. So I'll try something different here and see how it looks. It's a bit offense heavy, but I think it addresses our main needs, including one that everyone is avoiding...

1.26 - Brandon Weedon, QB OK State

Obviously not a popular pick, but let's assume that the Texans' statements about Schaub's recovery are embellished and just a smoke screen for their draft purposes. Let's also assume Matt can't play this season. Well, the most seasoned QB left on the board is Weedon, and he should be able to start week 1. He's a bit old at 28, but that will mean he is more mature than the younger guys available. He's more mobile than Schaub, and started every game for the last 2 years. In those two years of starting, he threw for over 9000 yards, 71 TDs and 26 INTs. I believe he will be a better QB than Yates, though they would both compete for the starting role in camp. He also has a good pump fake, something we don't see a lot with Schaub, but could definitely be useful. It will take some time for him to adjust to playing under center, but I think he can do it. He has good accuracy, a good release, and excellent arm strength. He was even drafted in the MLB as a pitcher before he switched to a real sport...

Weeden in the 2012 Fiesta Bowl

2.58 - Brandon Thompson, DT Clemson

I really like this guy for Wade's system and I think he could be our starting NT for the next few years. He's 6-2 310 pounds and could be utilized just like Jay Ratliff was when Wade was with the Cowboys. Cody is probably gone after this season, so we should look for a successor now. Earl Mitchell can move to DE to backup Antonio, and provide depth.

Thompson plays vs GT

3.76 - Mitchell Schwartz, OT Cal

Moving up 13 spots in the 3rd pays off here as the 8th best OT falls to the mid third round. This would be a good value for the Texans if they could get him here and I think it is entirely possible. Schwartz reportedly had a back injury in the spring of 2011 and that could cause him to drop to the 3rd round. At 6'5 315 pounds, Schwartz is a good size for the ZBS tackle position. His durability shouldn't be much of an issue as he has started every game for Cal for the last 4 years. During Kubiak's first draft, the Texans took Spencer and Winston at picks 65 and 66th overall, so a 3rd round Olineman fits the tendency of Kubiak.

Schwartz LT against Stanford

4.99 - Keenan Robinson, LB Texas

The Texans need some depth at LB, so they get some local help from Texas. Keenan has been solid against the run for Texas and can drop into zone coverage on passes, which could allow Cushing to rush the passer in some situations. I think he's big enough to play ILB, but could also be in rotation at OLB. I'm sure Wade can figure out something to do with him. He's also very well spoken, seems like a stand up guy and was a leader on Texas' defense. Certainly fits the Texans' profile for players and could help fill the hole left by Ryans' departure.

Robinson vs OU 2010

4.121 - Michael Egnew, TE Missouri

Kubes fills Dreesen's role with the 3rd best TE in this class. He can block pretty well, and he is a good pass catcher. He unknowingly helped the Texans quite a bit in 2010 when he helped make Blaine Gabbert look like an NFL QB prospect. He's a big guy at 6'5⅛" 252 pounds, which is a bit different than our TEs of the past, but I think he could be a very good #2 TE. Casey stays at FB in this scenario, which is good because his versatility would be great to have in the lineup.

2010 Positives and Negatives

5.161 - Jeff Fuller, WR Texas A&M

Another local pick and Kubiak finally drafts an Aggie! Probably a bit too late on the WR front for most of you, but I think JJ and Walter will be our WR 2/3 next year. Obviously Walter isn't going anywhere after the salary reduction, and JJ appears to have a good amount of guaranteed money on his deal which precludes them from cutting him.

Fuller has had a lot of issues this year with the hamstring injury and people questioning his mental toughness. He will be somewhat of a project, but Kubiak loves those and he has excellent size which Kubes loves. He's a great runblocker, so you know he's on the Texans' radar. His junior year was great statistically and would have put him as at least a 3rd round pick had he drafted, but he stayed around for a poor senior season and now he's paying for it. Getting him in the 5th is a good value as I think Kubiak can turn this kid around.

Fuller in 2011 Cotton Bowl vs PP

6.195 - Randy Bullock, K Texas A&M

Another Aggie? Yes, I think we all know the Texans need to get a kicker at some point, and drafting Bullock would certainly fill that role if they don't re-sign Rackers in the next 3 weeks. Rackers seems to have gotten no interest from other teams, so there is a chance he will be back, but looking to the future it would be great to solidify this position for the next 4 years. Bullock has quite a leg and a great record in college. He made 29 FGs last year, good for an 87.9 percentage. His long of 52 this year makes him an excellent prospect to develop over the next few years. He also has good kickoff power and can consistently hit the end zone from the 30 yard line. Should have no problems with the NFL's 35.

Sorry, no kicking videos...

7.233 - Eric Page, WR/KR Toledo

I love this little guy, and this may be too late of a draft spot for him. He's got everything you could ask for in a #3 WR, except for size. At 5'9" 186 pounds, he is undersized, but he makes up for it with great hands, good speed and elusiveness. He's only 20 years old, so he has plenty of time ahead of him to develop and put on some more muscle. I picture him in the slot position for us and being the second coming of David Anderson, only productive. His stats in college are incredible for only 3 years of starting. He was in track to pass Ryan Broyles' records in 2012, but decided to draft instead. In 2011, he started 13 games and had 125 receptions (avg 9.6 rec per game), 1182 yards, 9.5 ypc and 10 TDs. He also had 1 punt and kick return TD. He averaged over 25 yards per kick return, which could put him in line to start along side Manning.

Eric Page's stats

Page vs Northern Illinois
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