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Originally Posted by Rey View Post
IMHO, Nading was just as good a player as Reed was last year. Meaning, Reed as a Rookie was comparable to Nading as a vet. Meaning, if Nading was in instead of Reed I think we'd have gotten similar production out of the position.

I think Reed will likely be better than Nading moving forward because Reed is the more talented player.

But my point is that I don't think we are hurting there as much as people tend to think.

Also, Braman is a project player, but the only way he will ever stop being that is to actually play. I'd like to see what he can do getting a few snaps here and there.

All that said, I wouldn't complain at all with a OLB in the draft to add to the rotation. I just don't think it's a must get position where you may pass up more talented players at other positions to grab a perceived need.
This! Add to that the panicky WR responses that are rampant around here is why I did this mock. Just wanted to hit it from another angle than gotta have a WR and an OLB with the first two picks approach that you see here so much.

Originally Posted by WolverineFan View Post
Fantastic mock my man. I would absolutely love this draft.

The only thing I see wrong with it is Wolfe going at the end of the 4th round. It will be a crime if he lasts that long, dude is a beast.
Man I'm having a hard time with figuring out just where Wolfe is going to end up. I love him and would take him over Still who mentioned in the first round all the time. I just can't get a handle on him for some reason.

Originally Posted by EVOLVIST View Post
Hmmmm... Mussop, I respect the hell out of the way you know your game, so take whatever I have to say with a grain of salt (and try not to think I'm crapping on your draft)

Thank you very much.

Coby Fleener - I just don't see the Texans drafting a TE with the first pick. They like TEs they can groom. With OD spending at least one more year as a Texan, and having groomed Graham to be a starter this year, that equals 2 quality TEs. Or, if Graham looks like crap, then Casey's up to bat. That means there's no problem with getting a TE in the lower rounds at least for depth this year. Next year might be different.

I don't see Graham as anything but depth. If he had any ability I think he wold of made more than one catch in the last couple of years. Hope I'm wrong on that one for sure! As I stated in my mock, I believe there is a high possibility that OD could be let go next year. Fleener would be great insurance if that were to happen.

OT - Just not sure the Texans take OL this high either when obviously the Texans are sending the signal that they have the depth the like. Maybe.

Are they sending that signal or did they just get raided? I think the latter. We will find out soon.

Martin, Childs, Wolfe, Cole & Sweezy. I love all these picks by round. If any late round WR could be a difference maker right away it would be Childs.

After his pro day its unlikely he falls this far but if he did I would jump on him. I considered picking him in the third but Martin looks like he is going to be a solid rotation guy that fits well into our scheme and blue print type player and Childs is coming off injury so.... I also really like Ryan Broyles of Oklahoma if he's there late for slot and return duties.

FB - I think it's wasted pick this high on Rodriguez
I really like this guy. He is a Casey clone as far as ability and game type. I don't think we need a sledge hammer type. If we really want one of those Owen Schmidt (sp?) could be had really cheap via FA. Playing fullback is taxing on players and with Rodriguez backing up Casey it would ensure that we wouldn't have to deviate from our game plan when Casey was getting a break. Thats pretty good value for a late 6th round pick IMO.

Originally Posted by Nawzer View Post
I like this mock. I think Fleener is a better TE than any of the receivers that will available for us to draft. We need a red zone guy and with Dressen gone, we'll need someone to fill his gap. It's unlikely, but a bold pick imo.
We have to have another reliable red zone threat or we are going to be in big trouble. The last thing we need is to start kicking field goals over and over in the red zone again. Remember that? Maybe we can find that later in the draft I don't know but IMO Fleener looks like he comes in and contributes right away in that role.

Originally Posted by Insideop View Post
I like players 1 through 5 and would be happy if the Draft fell this way. Having said that, I don't think the Texans would go with Fleener in the 1st. Since Dreessen left I think they will draft another TE but probably later in the Draft. If they have him rated higher than any of the WR's, OLB's, ILB's, DE's, and DT's on the board when they pick in the 1st, then I guess it's possible. I just don't think they will go that way in the 1st.

Probably not! But I don't think it's a bad idea and I would be happy if we were to draft Fleener there.

Don't think they will get 2 DT's or pick a FB either. They can get a UDFA FB later. I would think they pick another QB late for development. We don't have enough QB's right now to go to camp. Also, if they don't sign Rackers, they may draft a Kicker for the 1st time. Bullock anyone?
I think we have to add depth on the DLine. We play to aggressively and our front seven will be wore out late in the year if we don't find some quality depth there. We very well could sign a FB in FA or as an UDFA. I just like Rodriquez because he brings versatility to the FB position like Casey.

Originally Posted by beerlover View Post
Seriously doubt Kubiak would take a TE in first.

Answered this above.

Schwartz is another tempting prospect but taking him here also presses his value higher out of need than it should.

Remember where we are drafting. He likely won't be there late third. He fits our mold and at the very least adds quality depth to a very depleted position. It's possible he could become a starter inside at some point this year. Reminds me alot of Breisel. His run blocking is very under rated.

Can't argue with Martin since he is here in my mock as well. Perfect rotational/depth NT who has starter mentality.
Childs hands are inconsistent, injury aside.

Looks fully recovered from injury. Has size and speed and playmaking ability. Would be a steal in the 4th round.

Wolfe won't last this late.

You're probably right. Still I hope somehow we end up with him.

Nor will Audi Cole, gone late 3rd/early 4th.

I don't see him going that high. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time. That said I really like him.
Texans will probably pick up TE very late, or off waiver wire when teams trim rosters.

Most likely scenario.

Sweezy good late round developmental pick.
Yeh I really like him and Matt Conrath as late round guys for our D.

Originally Posted by powda View Post
I'd be on a rampage if we drafted a TE in the first round. Hate that pick.
That would be short sighted for reasons i stated above.

Originally Posted by powda View Post
Also I dont believe the texans will draft a true full back. They dont seem to value the position enough to spend picks or $$ on it.
We went out and signed Vickers last year in FA. They must value it a little. And Rodriguez isn't a "true fullback" in the traditional mold. He is a Casey type that is only an adequate blocker but bring the element of being a really good receiver out of the backfield and is really really good after the catch. When I say adequate blocker I mean he isn't going to bowl over to many people but knows how to use his body to seal off and puts good effort into it.
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