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ok Hervoyel you got me there...and i concur with that the dwi is more serious than a speeding ticket...the main point i was trying to get accross with comparing it to a speeding ticket is that it is not a felony...unless someone is hurt in the incident which in this case no one was...thankfully...your right that the state has gone overboard with first time offenders...and i'm not trying to stand up here and protect coleman from anything...he'll get his punishment from both the team and the state...i'm not trying to make excuses for him either...he should have gotten a ride thing is people wanting to make an example out of him...i don't agree with that one bit...i don't agree with people wanting him to be cut for this or thinking that the NFL should do anything about his...just like i don't believe the law should get involved in a fight that breaks out during a game...this is not an easy situation and this is just my opinion...anyone can debate this with me...i'll make my points as will everyone else
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