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Default Re: Tebow to the Jets

OK, here's my shot at typing out what he said at his presser:

He says a few sentences and then says, "First and foremost I want to thank....the Broncos and my time there." Whoa! Had me going there for a second.

He talks like a teenage girl. Lisp, giggling while talking, run-on sentences. Geez. I don't think this guy is the sharpest tool in the shed.

First question was about "How did you find out about the Manning acquisition, tell us about that experience." He says John Fox had a talk with him Wednesday morning, then almost immediately afterward Tebow had a phone call from Rex Ryan telling him (Tebow) that he was now a New York Jets player. Tebow said he was excited and wanted to take the first available flight out to see them in NY. Tebow said other stuff, but he was giggling and lisping and run-on sentencing, so I missed what he said.

Next question was "Everyone talks about how much of a competitor you are, and the Jets said they're bringing you in to back up Mark Sanchez, so as a competitor do you want to be a you hope to be a starter?" His reply was "Everyone who puts on a uniform, you wanna go out there and you wanna play, that's the way you play the game of football. I'm excited to be a Jet, to go out there and to help this team any way that I can. And whatever my role here is, however I can expand that know, I'm going to try and do that. And every day in practice I want to go out there and compete, and get better as a QB, and figure out any ways possible to help this team in any way that I can." So, he had some good non-answer answers there.

Next question, "By all accounts, people say you're a very high character [person]--" Tebow interrupts and while giggling says, "It's not true." Crowd giggles with him, and the remainder of the question was "With the tension that might exist, and how it might stir up an already tense locker room...what does it mean to you, to hear that sort of thing?" Tebow responds, "Well, I really don't pay too much attention to it. I think the exciting thing is that me and Mark have a great relationship. We have had a good relationship for, I think, the past three years I think. We've been friends, we've texted back and forth, we've talked already, and ummm...uh, we're going to have a great relationship and a great working relationship, and I think we'll have a lot of fun together." What is interesting, in terms of non-verbal communication, is that his smile was gone, no laughter like he had in previous answers, and his eyes darted around all over the place during this answer. Licked his lips at the end of the answer, it was a nervous tick, IMO. Uncomfortable answering that question.

"Have you spoken to Coach Ryan about your role with the team, in terms of the number of could, by some reports, see as many as 20 touches in the Wildcat formations." he replies, "Well, I have had time to speak with Coach Ryan, and I think a lot of it has to do with how well it practice...umm, you're not just going to put something out there if it's not executed or working real well. It matters how well we do, and how well I pick everything up, and go out there and how well we're doing. My goal is to go out there and, umm, try to execute it as well as I possibly can, and improve every single day, umm, and really feel comfortable with role and expand my role by going out there and competing and doing well, and I think it's just exciting that, umm, he has faith in me and he believes in me as a football player and as a person to bring me and make me a Jet, and I'm excited about the opportunity." So the nervousness subsides, he's back to his safe answers and all is well.

Another question about if Mrs. Sanchez was upset about her role as NY Jets beauty queen and fashion czar now that Tammy Tebow is in NY. And so Tim replies, "When I talked to him, he was excited. And I am excited to work with him, and I have a lot of respect for him, umm, ya' know as a football player, as a person, he's always handled himself with so much class and integrity, and he's won a lot of big games as a quarterback, and I think we'll have a great working relationship...ya' know, we talked about that, and umm just supporting one another, umm, in our roles, and I'm excited about that opportunity. And I think we'll have a great relationship and hopefully we'll thrive together." Licks his lips at the end, pensive look on his face, no laughter or smiling during the whole answer. Eyes darting around everywhere. LOL. Not a good poker player.

OK, enough of the transcription of the presser. You get the jest of the new Jet: He's (a) excited to be a Jet, (b) will work hard to compete in his role, expand his role, help the team however he can, and (c) has a WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS "relationship" with Mark Sanchez and they will go on lots of shopping trips in Manhattan and see lots of Broadway musicals together. Yay!

John Elway is a genius.
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