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Default Re: Doppelmock: Late March Edition

Originally Posted by Doppelganger View Post
So here we are Texnas fans. Some of the FA smoke has cleared. Mario, Winston, and Briesel are gone. Foster and Myers are still here. I took some time away from the DoppelColts to make a Doppelmock for the DoppelTexans. (I may or may not have drank too muck Doppelbock prior to writing that sentence....)

1. Peter Konz, C, Wisconsin, 6’5, 314, 5.58
I know some may call this a luxury pick, but I strongly disagree. To me, Konz represents the best player available. He is easily the best Center prospect to come out of college since Mangold and the #3 OG after DeCastro and Glenn. I may take flack for this, but I am still not sold on Myers. He had a great season, but it is the only good one he has had in Houston. I have been less than impressed with his play prior to this season. One thing Myers has always struggled with and did so this past year are the big athletic NT/DTs like Paul Soliai, Vince Wilfork, Ngata, Seymour etc. He is just too small to handle them. Each year we see bigger, stronger, and faster NTs and DTs in the league. To combat that, you need a strong powerful, quick Center to neutralize them. Enter Mr. Konz. He has the strength, the power, the speed, and the ability to protect the QB, open up running lanes, but also get down the field and make that all important downfield block. I know Myers was re-signed, and in that scenario Konz can slide into the OG spot next to Brown and Wade Smith can slide next to Butler. Konz instantly upgrades the OL by starting as an OG and becomes backup Center. In a year or two, Konz replaces Myers as Center.

2. Ronnell Lewis, OLB, Oklahoma, 6’2, 253, 4.69
The NFL has become a passing league. An argument can be made that Tom Brady is a better QB than Eli Manning. Yet, Manning’s Giants have now beaten Brady’s Patriots in 2 superbowls. Why? Passrushing. The Giants bring a plethora of passrushers whereas the Patriots don’t. A good pass rush can neutralize the best and Brady has proven time and time again he is up there. Case in point, I take Ronnell Lewis. He would be a great addition to the Wade 3-4 OLB group and will fit right in with Barwin and Reed. One thing I noticed about Lewis when I looked at some tape was that he didn’t get sacks based on an initial move, he got them because he continued to fight and work to get to the QB. This was exactly what the Texans did last year. How many times did we see the team get a sack based on extra effort? Guys like Watt, Barwin, and Reed got sacks because they didn’t give up on plays and kept fighting to the whistle. Lewis is the same kind of player and will be a great addition. At present he is a high level pass rusher and very solid run stopper. In time, I am confident his run defense will catch up to his pass rushing.

3. A.J. Jenkins WR, Illinois, 6’0, 190, 4.39
A great WR option that can play either on the outside or in the slot. He has speed to burn and if he gets by a defender he will go for a long gain. He has good hands, solid route running and was productive in college. Despite a poor QB he still hauled in 90 passes for 1,276 yards and eight touchdowns in 2011 and 56 passes for 746 yards and seven touchdowns in 2010. He is flying under the radar and could be a major steal at this point.

4. Nick Jean-Baptiste, NT, Baylor, 6’1, 335. 5.40
When Wade talks about NTs he generally stresses one thing: one gap players who shoot the gap and get into the backfield. NJB can be that guy. He was a dominant force at the East-West game he got by the O lineman with ease. A good mix of power and speed. He is immediately DL depth, but is the kind of prospect Wade will love to groom and mold.

5. Aaron Henry, FS, Wisconsin, 6’0, 205, 4.48
I have a feeling Troy Nolan will not be kept. Getting a FS with tackling skills is a major plus. Henry had 62 tackles with three tackles for a loss, four interceptions and three passes broken up this year. He also had a good game against Michigan State in the Big ten championship game. He is quality depth and a Special Teams monster.

6. Brett Roy, DE, Nevada, 6’4, 280, 4.84
Depth is the key to any good defense. A DE like Roy would look great in a rotation with Smith and Watt. Roy is a high motor tackling machine who has a nose for the backfield. He had 66 tackles with 18.5 behind the LOS, and 10 sacks. Year before he got 50 tackles, 214.5 tackles for loss, and 8 sacks. You might say his numbers are inflated because he played at Nevada, but he got sacks against the Pac 12’s Oregon and the everyone’s favorite Mid Major Boise State. This guy can play and I want him on my team.

7. Art Forst, G/OT, Rutgers, 6’8, 310, 5.30.
A combo OG/OT sleeper from Rutgers. He needs some work and will certainly not ready to start Day 1. But what I have seen is intriguing enough to take a 7th on him. He played both OG spots as well as RT this year. He is a good but unspectacular run blocker and pass protector. Give him some time and he may very well surprise a lot of people.

Hope everyone enjoyed it and as always, this mock's for you!
I dig it, nice work.

1) I really like Konz, and have absolutely no problem with the pick. All-pro caliber player at both OC and OG, upgrades both positions and provides insurance. I know quite a few guys here claim that Konz actually projects better at guard than at center, and I am in the midst of forming my own opinion on that matter. Great pick.

2) BOOOM! I have been mocking this since the middle of the season. Lewis is a great athlete, a great football player, a great pass rusher. I have recently questioned whether or not to go OLB this early, but I still love this pick. 2/2 thus far.

3) Love the position, not so much the player. I have been able to watch a lot of B10 games these past 4 years (OSU student), and this guy never, ever stood out to me. His stats and measurables are impressive, but what I saw when watching games did not match it. I would much rather have Toon if available, or any one of McNutt, Broyles, Hilton and Wylie. I would not hate the pick, I would just be skeptical.

4) Good spot to take Fangupo here. Big body with great athleticism. I dont know if he is a day 1 starter, but he will see time in the rotation immediately. Nice pick.

5) Henry is a baller; I dig it.

6) I think Roy is a 4-3 DT, not a 3-4 DE. I dont think he has the quickness not the agility needed to control the edge. I (again) like the position, but instead, humbly suggest grabbing a tackle here and Ryan van Bergen in the 7th.

7) No thanks. If the draft has broken down this way, I definitely want to go OT. We need to find another OT to fit the system. I dont think this is the guy. This late, what do you think about Markus Zusevics, a solid 4th-5th round talent who falls due to injury.

All in all, really nice mock. Just a couple little things that I disagree with.
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