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I disagree.

I think that on average, playoff teams have better preseason records than the bottom teams. That is not to say that a 0-4 preseason is a lock for a bad season, but I bet on average 0-4 teams go one to have sub .500 regular season records. Any stat gurus wish to verify? It is a guess of mine.

I did a quick search of the preseason records for last year's playoff teams
Patriots 4-0
Titans 4-0
Colts 3-1
Broncos 3-1
Chiefs 3-2
Ravens 1-3

Panthers 4-0
Eagles 2-2
Cowboys 2-2
Seahawks 2-2
Green Bay 2-3
Rams 1-3

Preseason records for the bottom 10.
Chargers 2-2
Raiders 1-3
Cardinals 4-0
Giants 1-3
Redskins 1-3
Browns 1-3
Lions 2-2
Falcons 0-4
Jags 3-1
Texans 0-4

Last year the combined preseason record of playoff teams was 31-19
Last year the combined preseason record of the bottom ten was 15-25

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