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Default Preseason results

I'm not going to worry about a thing until the season starts. This staff has proven the last two years that they don't really give a flip about preseason games. I'm sure that with improved talent and with more experience working together that this season's preseason games will be more competitive, but remember that Palmer and Fangio will both hold back a lot of the game plan until the regular season starts. The coaches will be looking for players to execute the simple plays and give maximum effort, but they really couldn't care less about the final score of preseason games.

They really drove home this point with me last year. I have never considered preseason games to be important, but I was a little discouraged last year. Remember, the scores were:

Denver L, 20-12
@Dallas L, 34-6
San Diego L, 19-17
@Tampa Bay L, 34-3

The Denver score didn't matter because the starters hardly played. The Dallas score mattered a little more because they are Dallas and the starters played a little more. The San Diego score was better, but we knew they weren't going to be good and we still lost at home, even though the starters played more than they would in any preseason game. The final game against Tampa Bay was kinda disturbing, but really showed that the defending champs were a lot deeper than a second year team. However, it was still disappointing because you want to be competitive.

After a pretty disappointing preseason, the Texans came out and pretty much dominated the Dolphins. The Miami Dolphins. The undefeatable at home in September Dolphins. At the end of the game, the Texans were the ones pushing the Dolphins around. Carr wasn't sacked all day and had a passer rating of 94.3 Stacey Mack had 89 rushing yards and Ricky Williams only had 69. The Texans outgained Miami 393-301. A team that was supposed to compete for the Super Bowl ended up missing the playoffs by one game. A team that looked horrible in the preseason played like champions for one game, and who knows what would have happened if Carr, Payne, Walker, and Glenn had stayed healthy for the entire season?

The point I am trying to make is that we shouldn't put very much importance on preseason results. Have faith in the coaching staff and the team, because they have shown the last couple of years that they have a little extra something ready for the first game.
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