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Originally Posted by texansfan88
teams dont have the same rosters, but if i posed the question last year who has the edge: Tampa Bay or Carolina, who has the edge: Oakland or Kansas City, who has the edge: Pittsburgh or Cincinnati, who has the edge: Washington or Dallas

see what I mean? as of today, every team is 0-0...anything can happen. Everyone is in the NFL for a reason, and it's because they're good. so everyone is the same as of now, and no one has an edge until week 1 is completed
And you probably would have picked Oakland, Tampa Bya, Pittsburg and Washington and those were wrong but there is no harm in predicting.

I understand that there are surprises, but some teams have edges over other teams because of the talent on their roster. Yes everyone's record is 0-0, but that is just a record that also says that the Eagles are equal to the 49ers. Now the 49ers could surpirse people but the Eagles have better talent and coaching so the pre-season pick would be the Eagles. New England has a superior roster then the Dolphins for many reasons so you would predict that NE will do better, but you can be wrong.

Phan1 just asked for another preseason prediction, who will be better: Jags or Texans, it is no different then guessing stats and staters...

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