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Originally Posted by DC_ROCK
Im not sure if you noticed, but last season Dallas rocked, and we went home with a 5-11 record. Also the scorched us in preseason. Im not saying that this year we wouldnt give them a run for their money, but if we faced Dallas this year, my money would be on Dallas. Parcels has that team fireing on all cylinders.

If we played them this year I could see an outcome of a Dallas win. 27-17.


Good point but we also took the Pats into overtime when the Crygirls got outplayed by Bellichek and Co in a blow out 12-0. We also beat the Panthers, Cowboys won one and got blown out in the last Panthers/ Cowboys game. We also beat Miami....Miami swamped Cowboys in an embarrasing loss on Thanksgiving. I think the victory would be up for grabs and even during the '03 season when we played very competetively having several on IR. I think we would beat them in a blow out if we were playing this year, just by the way things have gone for Houston in the off-season...JMHO as well.
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