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first of all the league really has no buisness getting involved in an off the field incident...they don't have any judical powers...this didn't happen on the field or during a game so they should stay out of it...if the texans as an oraganization do something that's different...personally i don't think he deserves to be cut...a fine of $500,000 is crazy to me...half a million for a something that isn't a felony...this ticket carries the same weight as a speeding ticket many of ya'll have gotten a speeding many of ya'll have driven home after throwing back a couple just without something happening...bottom line i'm sure the texans will either suspend him for the opening game...or fine him around $50,000...anything more and i would be shocked...i do not agree with driving drunk...but i also realize that he hit a tree, spent the night in jail, will have to do community service for this, and has to face the embarrisment of nation hearing about it...not to mention get his car fixed...if anything else this whole event is punishment enough for him
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